Collective closing: payment term for the contributions of the second quarter

Auteur: Anne Beckers

Possibly your company will organize a collective closing during the summer vacation. If this closing takes place in July what should you do with the declarations that must be submitted and the contributions that must be paid to the NSSO?

Each quarter the employer must submit his quarterly declaration and pay to the NSSO the personal contributions, which are deducted monthly, and the employer contributions. Under certain conditions the employer must also pay monthly advances. The sum of the contributions must in any case be paid not later than the last day of the month following the quarter in question.

If payment is late or no payment is made increases or default interests may be applied.

In the present case the contributions for the second quarter must be paid before July 31, 2014.

When the collective closing of the company takes place in July, it may be difficult to observe this obligation.

Therefore the NSSO applies an administrative tolerance by which the companies that organize a collective closing in July dispose of an additional term to submit their declarations and pay (the balance of) their contributions.

This year the companies have until August 12, 2014 to submit their declaration for the 2nd quarter and pay (the balance of) their contributions for this 2nd quarter if the following conditions are met:

  • The employer must submit a prior and motivated request to the NSSO;
  • The late declaration and the late payment of the contributions must be justified by the collective closing of the company in July;
  • The employer must observe his obligations toward the NSSO not later than 12 August.

Observance of these conditions is left to the discretion of the NSSO. A negative evaluation of these conditions by the NSSO can give rise to the payment of increases and default interests due to late declaration and payment.

Auteur: Anne Beckers