Bookkeeper, tax specialist and accountant, make the choice that makes your work easier

In order to do your job the best you can, you have to be able to count on reliable partners. That’s why Partena Professional works closely together with the professionals in the sector and supports you in offering your customers the best service.

Partena Professional, your privileged partner

As a bookkeeper, tax specialist, accountant or trustee, you know better than anyone that your profession has evolved a lot in recent years, and that it now involves more than just listing figures to make your customers’ accounts. They increasingly rely on your advice to optimise their status, revenues and results.

To help you perform your tasks better, you have a designated point of contact and quick access to our expertise. On top of that Partena Professional has a lot of practical tools and instruments for you to use. This saves you time and allows you to concentrate further on the tasks which provide great added value.


In order to strengthen this cooperation, we also started working closely with the professionals in the sector.

Become our privileged partner

By working together with Partena Professional you will enjoy various partner benefits.

Become a partner

Working with Partena Professional as an accounting professional will give you many advantages

A designated contact

Do you have a question about a customer’s case for the enterprise counter or social insurance fund? You will have a designated contact who you can address with all your questions.

Collaboration in all confidence

Convinced that our activities are complementary to yours, and that optimal cooperation benefits our common customers, we have signed a unique non-competition clause.

A partner recognised by professionals

Partena Professional is sustainably bound to several accounting professionals. That is why we have concluded agreements with the main professional organisations. We are in regular contact with them to build a relationship of trust and to create all the conditions for optimal cooperation.

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