Rely on Partena Professional’s legal expertise

As an SME, you have many legislative challenges to face on a daily basis. The Belgian economic landscape is complex and it’s not always easy to comply with constantly changing legislation. Do you want to make sure you are always in compliance with Belgian law? Then you need a partner who understands your specific context and can support you every day.  

Our legal services 

Do you want to optimise the salary package of your employees or carry out a different project that requires in-depth knowledge of social law? Our legal team is here to help:  

Include a legal expert in your strategy

You can have your own dedicated legal partner: a Legal Privileged Partner, a lawyer who is always at your service. They can give you advice on the possibilities and opportunities in terms of human resources and the socio-legal risks. Furthermore, they’ll proactively monitor legislation on your behalf. 

Take advantage of practical solutions for your legal questions

Do you need someone with socio-legal expertise you don’t have in your team? The Legal Partners service is here to answer all your questions: our legal experts will provide you with support, explanations and hands-on solutions.  

Take advantage of tailor-made legal training

Do you and your HR teams need to keep track of the socio-legal news or refresh your knowledge of a certain subject? We offer a range of training courses delivered by our experts. All of them are practical and will give you learnings you can implement immediately

Equip yourself with reliable templates

With correctly drafted legal documents and transparent communication, you can solidify the trust your employees and partners have in you. Partena Professional has a basic template and adapts the items to your company’s needs and culture. 


Why rely on our legal experts?

At Partena Professional, over 70 legal experts respond to over 1,000 socio-legal questions.  


No matter if you want a dedicated lawyer to support your company or a team you can call on whenever you have questions: corporate law holds no secrets for us. And, therefore, you. 


Would you like to enjoy having our expertise on board already? Get an answer to all the socio-legal questions in your business thanks to our Social Legislation Guide for Enterprises. Request it now! 

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