Partena Professional works with entrepreneurs every day to create a world that works

We support all Belgian professionals and businesses in every phase of their (professional) development. 

Partena Professional’s employees aren’t just experts. They’re people who do everything they can to help you become successful. This way, we help build a prosperous labour market and a dynamic economy in the long term. 

You can count on Partena Professional to help your business grow and develop. 

A global solution for entrepreneurs and companies

A one-stop shop that supports future entrepreneurs in setting up their businesses and developing their activities with advice and practical tools.

>11,500 companies founded annually.

A social insurance fund that allows entrepreneurs to manage their own social insurance and protect themselves and their incomes.

137,000 entrepreneurs count on us for social insurance.
Our accredited Payroll Office for Employers streamlines payroll, personnel, and administrative tasks.

362,623 payslips per month.

Teams of legal and HR experts that support companies of all sizes and in all kinds of industries, in every phase.

74 solicitors ready to answer all your questions.

entrepreneurs count on us

for social insurance


per month 


in Belgium


at the service of our customers

million euros

in revenue (2023)

Our dedication to humans and companies  

By supporting the development and success of businesses and helping them improve their employees’ well-being, we contribute to economic growth and decent work for everyone, creating a more responsible society in the process.

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Partena Professional - Partena vzw

Accredited Payroll Office for Employers
Headquarters: Rue Ravenstein 36, 1000 Brussels
Company registration number: 0409.536.968
VAT number: BE 0409.536.968
RPR Brussels
FSMA: 033985 A
FSMA: 033985 A
Entrepreneur office
accredited by AR as of 11/06/2003
Headquarters: Rue Ravenstein 36, 1000 Brussels
Postal address: P.O. Box 22000, 1000 Brussels
Company registration number: 0408.661.790
VAT number: BE 0408.661.790
Social insurance fund (for entrepreneurs)
Headquarters: Rue Ravenstein 36, 1000 Brussels
Postal adress: P.O. Box 21000, 1000 Brussels
Company registration number: 0409.079.088
VAT number: BE 0409.079.088