About Partena Professional

"Supporting entrepreneurs": that is Partena Professional’s mission

As business entrepreneurs, you take care of the foundations of our economy. Partena Professional will support your passion by being the perfect partner for your plans with the same dedication and ambition. Expert at the right time, advisor when you need it. We look to the future together with you, and we work until it works. 

Partena Professional is Belgium’s largest Collaborative Company! 

Work has changed - it is now more volatile than ever. Few people will stay with the same company throughout their entire career. “Meaning” is an essential part of our relationship to work: values, organisational structure, worldview and atmosphere are all key to attracting and retaining staff.

In 2018, Partena Professional carried out a major overhaul to enable employees to develop and to attract new talent. The objective was straightforward: leaving behind a pyramid-style organisational structure for a more collaborative form of organisation underpinned by autonomy and responsibility. Because of the scale of the transformation, it was implemented in waves, so as to best support the teams affected by it. The plan is for the entire organisation to have switched to a collaborative governance structure by 2021. When that happens, Partena Professional will be one of the largest collaborative companies in Belgium. Customer service runs through everything we do.

Our key values

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Respect, integrity, pluralism and commitment are our fundamental values


Trust is the foundation on which our corporate culture is built - trust in people and their ability to learn, grow and develop, trust in the future and in entrepreneurship.

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Satisfied customers


Our compass points for achieving customer delight are flexibility, personal connection, agility and digital technology. 

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Satisfied employees


Finally, our employee satisfaction compass points are autonomy, a sense of purpose, governance and transparency.

Our strategic objectives

Together, our four strategic objectives - employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, operating margin and profit - form a virtuous circle. Customer satisfaction generates profit and operating margin, which we can reinvest in projects aimed at satisfying our employees. 

We survey our staff every quarter using an eNPS; the lessons we learn from this help us to understand the experiences of our employees and to regularly put in place plans of action. Once a year, we carry out an engagement survey on top of the eNPS for a greater breadth of data, so we can see how we compare to companies which are similar in size to us as well as companies with the same social objectives as Partena Professional.

Social responsibility at Partena Professional

170000 zelfstandigen icoontje


Partena Professional’s CSR policy is inspired by the seventeen sustainable development goals defined by the UN and signed by all of its members. They are rooted in the “3 Ps” - People, Planet & Profit.

Partena Professional’s corporate purpose has been developed with a focus on ’People‘. By supporting entrepreneurs throughout the entire life of their businesses and by placing innovation and agility at the heart of our approach, we aim to create meaningful work for everyone as well as economic growth. Our work supports industry, innovation and infrastructure, and reduces inequality.

Our commitment to ’People‘ also takes the shape of projects driven by our values. In this way, we support the Pink Ribbon project, which supports research into breast cancer, and we have been a partner in the construction of a wing for people with AIDS at St Pierre Hospital in Brussels. During the coronavirus crisis, gifting two respirators to St Pierre Hospital was a no-brainer. 

Keeping a human touch - a coaching circle to offer personal support during the transformation.

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The dream of a sustainable world was chosen by our employees in the “What is your dream for Partena?” referendum in 2018. Since then, a Green Team has been set up, overseen by Partena employees. This team is very active, implementing actions which aim to encourage soft mobility among employees, more sustainable eating habits (veggie Thursdays) and raising awareness of the impact of our actions.

Furthermore, our Facilities service has been active for many years in ensuring building maintenance is carried out in a responsible and sustainable way. 

Thanks to all of these efforts, Partena Professional was certified as an Eco-Dynamic Company by Brussels Environment.

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Finally, the P of Profit is aimed at generating economic value by producing goods and services. Organisations must focus on profit to secure their future - profit is what makes a company financially sound.

Life at Partena Professional also means

Partena Professional in figures

Kantoren icoontje

28 branches

1800 werknemers

1.800 employees are working for our customers

65000 ondernemingen

81.000 employers use our expertise

170000 zelfstandigen icoontje

135.000 self-employed person use our expertise

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195 million euros turnover

How we can help entrepreneurs

Zaak starten

Start your business

We assist you in every step of setting up your company (setting up, modifying and shutting down companies).

Protect your income

We take care of the best protection you can get (social security for self-employed persons).

Manage your personnel

Count on the Partena Professional payroll office for calculating payroll, administrative tasks and software for managing payroll and human resources.

Get HR advice

Your company deserves the best HR expertise (legal advice, comp & ben, HR soft skills).

What our clients say about us?

Partena Professional in the press


Are you a journalist and would you like to ask questions to one of our experts?

Would you like to know more about Human Resources, social-legal news or the business world in general?

Feel free to contact our press agency by e-mail at partenaprofessional@finn.agency.

We are happy to answer your various questions.

Partena Professional - Partena non-profit association

Accredited Payroll Office for Employers by Ministerial Order of 03.03.1949 with no. 300 - Registered office: Kartuizersstraat 45, 1000 Brussels - Company number: 0409.536.968 - VAT number: BE 0409.536.968 - Brussels RPR - FSMA: 033985 A

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Social Insurance Fund for the Self-Employed approved by Royal Decree of 10.11.1997 - Registered office: Rue des Chartreux 45, 1000 Brussels - Mailing address : postbox 21000, 1000 Brussels - Company number: 0409.079.088 - VAT number: BE 0409.079.088 - RLE Brussels

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