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You want to hire your first employee or take over an existing business with staff. Congratulations, you're becoming an employer! But what does that actually entail? 


At Partena Professional, we're ready to help you with advice and guidance for new employers. 



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Becoming an employer: how do you start?

Becoming an employer is a big step. You will not only have to think about your business, but also be responsible for others. Preparing yourself thoroughly is crucial. And we are happy to help you with that.
  • Costs, obligations, and formalities
    Hiring staff involves certain costs and obligations. We can advise you on this and put all formalities in place.
  • Social and legal expertise
    We answer all your legal and HR-related questions and inform you about social legislation so that you can always rely on a strong policy.
What other start-up employers want to know
How can you hire your first employee?

Step 1: Prepare your hiring.  


Step 2: Join a social security fund. 


Step 3: Verify your company details with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE). 


Step 4: Register yourself as an employer with the National Social Security Office (NSSO). 


Step 5: Join an External Service for Prevention and Protection at Work (ESPPW). 


Step 6: Take out an occupational accident insurance. 


Step 7: Draw up an employment policy. 


Step 8: Send your employee’s details to your social security fund. 


Step 9: Draw up an contract of employment. 


Step 10: Notify the NSSO of your employee's registration. 

How much does an employee cost?

To calculate an employee's base salary, you need to take account of the following: 

  • the salary that you are obliged to pay to your employee in accordance with the salary scales specific to your joint committee or company;   

  • the social security contributions and tax deductions that you have to pay to the National Social Security Office (NSSO) and the Tax Office respectively;   

  • the indexation and changes in salary. 


Run an online wage simulation to find out how much your employee will earn. Want to know more about your employees' gross and net salaries? Contact Partena Professional. 

What types of employment contracts are there?

There are different types of employment contracts: fixed-term contracts, open-ended contracts, specific-assignment contracts, contracts for full-time work, contracts for part-time work, and replacement contracts. It is up to you to decide which contract best suits your company and your employees. 

Want to make sure your contracts are compliant and legal? Then get help from our legal experts. Do you need help with your legal documents or do you have a specific question? Partena Professional can help you

Should I hire a full-time or part-time employee?

A full-time employee is an employee who works the maximum weekly hours at an organisation. A part-time employee is an employee that works at least one third of a the maximum weekly hours at an organisation.  

Different formalities apply for part-time employees: 


  • Establish a general framework and define daily hourly schedules for your part-time employees.   

  • Determine whether your part-time employees work on a fixed or variable hourly schedule.     

  • Full-time employees are entitled to ten statutory holidays. This is not always the case for part-time workers. 



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Help for starting entrepreneurs

Is your start as an employer also your start as an entrepreneur? Our experts are happy to help you find your feet in that role, too. 

Finding the right employees

You know what you have to do to recruit employees. But how can you find the right profiles and candidates? 

Tailor-made payroll advice

We will guide you through the world of wage administration and support you with your payroll. 

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