Which business type is the right one for you?

Sole proprietorship

This is the most common company format for entrepreneurs. Launching a sole proprietorship is something you do as a natural person:

  • There’s no difference between you and the business: you are the enterprise
  • You are solely liable for any and all debt
  • There are few formalities and start-up costs


You can also set up a company. This business type has a legal personality and is seen as a separate, legal entity with its own rights and obligations:

  • Companies offer better personal protection for the founders
  • Companies involve more procedures and costs
  • Companies are part of a more favourable tax regime

Which situation best describes you?​

I want to start from the very beginning

I have not taken any action yet and want to start my company 100% online with the help of Partena Professional Experts​.

My company has been established but is not yet registered in the CBE

I want to activate my company registration number at the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE).

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We’re off! Start your sole proprietorship online in just a few clicks with Partena Fast Lane

At Partena Professional, we offer an easy solution that allows you to start your sole proprietorship online. Our experts will personally guide you through every step of the process.
Fast and easy to use, Partena Professional's Fast Lane covers all aspects of setting up your sole proprietorship and allows you to start your new business with peace of mind.

  • Personal guidance from an expert via phone call
  • Registration at the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises
  • VAT number request
  • Affilitation with Partena Professional’s Social Insurance Fund
  • Ready in 5 minutes
  • Total cost of 105,5 €
Start online
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Activating your company registration number

Congratulations! You have already completed most of the legal procedures (drawing up the articles of association, publication in the Belgian official journal, notary, etc.).
All there is left to do is activate your company registration number at the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE), which you can easily do at Partena Professional in a fully digital process with personal guidance from our experts.

  • 100 % online process
  • Easy and quick
  • We take care of everything for you

We’re off! Start your company online in just a few clicks with Partena Fast Lane and the help of our experts

Partena Professional is the only accredited business counter that offers you a digital solution for starting your company online:

  • Experience a seamless online process with personal guidance from an expert via video call.
  • Hassle-free drafting of your company's articles of association and ensure their publication in the Belgian Official Journal.
  • Effortless registration with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE), secure your VAT number, and affiliate with the social insurance fund smoothly.
  • Opt for the complete service, including end-to-end processing with a notary, tailored to your preference.
  • The fastest, most affordable, and the best business registration service in Belgium starting at just €349, exclusive of VAT.

Discover without obligation the Partena Fast Lane offer that best suits your reality.

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Need help to start your business?

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