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Want your entire payroll in the palm of your hand? That's SmartSalary. Manage your wages, quickly and easily, wherever and whenever you want. 



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What is SmartSalary?

SmartSalary is an online tool for payroll administration and management. SmartSalary's software includes functionalities like: 


  • creating new employees and employment contracts; 

  • preparing and calculating wages; 

  • paying net wages automatically; 

  • ordering meal vouchers; 

  • managing monthly performance and absences; 

  • automatic linking to pay scales; 

  • and more. 

Payroll management with SmartSalary, that’s ...


Preparing wages? Entering holidays? Adjusting employee details? Thanks to SmartSalary's intuitive interface, you can do all that and more in just a few clicks. 


SmartSalary helps you maintain a clear overview of your company's payroll. After the payroll calculation, all information and results are immediately available. 


Your assigned payroll consultant uses SmartSalary to double-check your entries, help you with specific aspects (NSSO, time credit, etc.), and answer your questions. 


SmartSalary is a secure digital environment that protects all data about your wages and employees. In addition, the software is easy to scale up as your business grows. 

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