How can you find great employees?

So, you want to hire your first or a new employee. But how do you find the right profile and/or the right candidate?  


Partena Professional helps you with your positioning as an employer and provides guidance in the search for new recruits. 


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First things first... Is your paperwork in order?

Are you hiring someone for the first time? If so, you first need to take care of some administrative formalities. 


You have to register with the National Social Security Office (NSSO) as an employer, take out certain insurances, draw up employment regulations, etc.  


We at Partena Professional take care of all this for you. 

Our essential recruitment tips


Identify the ideal profile for your employee

When looking to hire a new employee, it's important to determine exactly who you are looking for. What criteria should the ideal candidate meet? What knowledge and competences should they have? Defining your ideal profile in advance will make it easier to set up a job posting.  


Write a clear job posting

Once you've identified the target profile, you can start writing your job posting. Some things that should definitely appear in your job posting are: 

  • the knowledge and skills you are looking for 

  • a clear job description 

  • the terms of employment 

  • details of the remuneration package 


Look beyond job-related competences

You receive an application. On paper, it looks like the perfect match. But is it really?   


The right employee is also someone with whom it has to 'click'. Someone whose personality and work attitude also suit your organisation. Therefore, try to get to know the person during a job interview. This will immediately give you an idea of whether the candidate fits in with your company. 


Use your entire network to find candidates

The job posting is one way to attract candidates. But you still have other options. Appeal to your personal and professional network as well. Let family and friends know you're looking for an employee and use platforms such as LinkedIn and Jobat. By casting as many lines of communication as possible, you increase your chances of finding a suitable candidate. 


Create a work environment that encourages and fosters growth

Employees want to be able to keep developing on a personal and professional level. For this reason, you should create a work environment that allows for this. Provide guidance during the first few working days, training opportunities, and future prospects. Employees who grow and get better are also good for you. 


Provide an attractive remuneration package

An enticing salary package is a strong asset to convince candidates. As a start-up employer, you may not yet have the resources to offer an extensive package, but you don't have to. At Partena Professional, we'll examine with you which fringe benefits can be interesting for your staff and company. 

Get an NSSO discount for your employees

If you’re an employer taking on new staff, you can benefit from social security deductions for first employees. 


The social security deduction for the first employee is a measure that reduces the amount of employer contributions that new employers have to pay.  


New employers can get an 'NSSO discount' of up to €4,000 per quarter for their first employee. For the next five employees, employers can get a discount of €1,550 to €450 per quarter, limited to a maximum of 13 quarters. 

Social security deduction for first employees

  • Reduction of social security contributions for new employers
  • To be applied for the first 6 employees
  • Amount from €450 to €4,000 per quarter with no time limit.

Changes in social security deduction for first employees from 2024

Need to recruit new people? Now's the time! From 1 January 2024, the social security deduction for first employees will drop, meaning you will get a lower NSSO reduction. 


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