Health insurance policies

Life's dangers can have a considerable impact on your business as a self-employed entrepreneur as they can lead to unexpected hospitalisation or healthcare needs. That’s why it’s vital to give yourself and your employees the best possible health insurance coverage.  

Find out more about the basic coverage, our additional insurance policies and how to secure your income whenever you’re unable to work. Then, all you need to do is focus on your passion with complete peace of mind. 

Your basic protection 

As a self-employed entrepreneur, you are required to pay social security contributions, which entitle you to basic social protection. That protection gives you certain advantages, like the reimbursement of your medical costs or compensation when you’re unable to work. 

However, in case of more significant medical costs, like hospitalisation or dental care, this basic coverage will not always suffice. Find out how you can complement that basic coverage with our additional insurance policies for entrepreneurs! 

Optimal coverage  

To make sure you can rest easy when it comes to your health, we suggest two additional insurance policies. 

Hospitalia insurance, which covers:

  • your stay at the hospital 

  • your pharmaceutical costs 

  • pre-and post-hospitalisation care 

Dentalia Up insurance, which covers: 

  • orthodontic reimbursements 

  • preventative dental care 

  • curative dental care 

  • Prosthetics, implants and periodontology  


Learn more?

Find out more about Hospitalia and Dentalia insurance on Helan's website.

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What about your revenue?

In case of illness or inability to work, self-employed entrepreneurs receive a daily allowance of €36 to €60 a day. Unfortunately, that's not always enough.  

By taking out our guaranteed income insurance, you’ll benefit from an income that’s in line with your standard of living, while paying a 100% deductible tax contribution.  

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