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In a world in constant motion, an effective payroll and compensation strategy is crucial. At Partena Professional, we understand that and offer solutions tailored to your unique needs. 


Why optimise wages?

Salary optimisation is more than just a way to cut costs. It's also a strategy to attract and retain talent. 80% of employees say they would stay with an employer longer if they were paid a higher wage. 

Cafeteria plan: cost-effective and customised 

A flexible remuneration plan — say, a cafeteria plan — allows employees to tailor their salary package to their own needs. As an employer, this means you reduce costs and attract more candidates, which can be a major factor in today's war for talent. And as an employee, you get what you really want. Talk about a win-win situation!

Payroll optimisation

Let Partena Professional guide you to manage your daily payroll and optimise your employees' salaries. 

Flexible compensation plan

A cafeteria plan is an excellent way to attract and retain employees. 

Digitisation of payroll

Easily update your details online and manage your administration with our payroll software. 

International payroll

Manage your international workforce with our expertise, or call on us to help you set up your Belgian company abroad or your foreign company in Belgium.

Payroll Partners

Turn to an external payroll specialist to handle all your administrative HR tasks. 


Outsource all or part of your HR tasks to Partena Professional's specialists. 

Plan of action (co-creation) 

Let's think about the best solution for your organisation together, shall we?  

Together, we can build a strong partnership. Tell us about your day-to-day needs and challenges and we will respond with our expertise and the right tools tailored to you. 

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