Retirement for entrepreneurs: secure the end of your career

Your statutory pension is a great first step, but let’s be honest: it doesn't guarantee you the standard of living you aspire to when you retire. Financed by social security contributions, it’s often lower than the pension of an employee.  

Do you want to strengthen your future financial security and take full advantage of a well-deserved retirement? Have you heard of the Free Supplementary Pension for the Self-Employed (FSPSE)? Combined with the statutory pension, it allows you to receive up to 80% of your current income. Find out more about it below.  

FSPSE: the most interesting option for entrepreneurs

The Free Supplementary Pension for the Self-Employed allows you to save while enjoying tax benefits. It’s designed for all self-employed entrepreneurs, no matter their legal status or business type. You set aside the amount of your choice for your future retirement, or for times when you’re inactive. 

The benefits

  • Financial protection for you and your family 

  • Compensation when you’re unable to work or gravely ill 

  • Payments are deductible as part of professional costs 

  • Beneficial in the short and long term 



Would you like to know more about the CRFE and its potential? 

More about the FSPSE

Even more benefits: IPC & PASE

If you want, you can add one of two options to your FSPSE: 

The Individual Pension Commitment (IPC)

The IPC is designed for the self-employed who have a company: the corporation pays tax-deductible contributions, resulting in less tax. The IPC can be used in addition to the FSPSE, giving you some peace of mind on a rainy day.



The benefits:  

  • Tax-deductible payments 
  • Your company contributes to your supplementary pension 
  • You have access to the pension capital, even in the case of bankruptcy 
  • The guaranteed interest rates can be supplemented with a profit share 

The Pension Agreement for the Self-Employed (PASE)

This solution was designed for sole proprietors (main/side activity) and assisting spouses. It allows them to add to their statutory pension.



  • Can be combined with the FSPSE 
  • Tax benefits 
  • Additional protection in case of inability to work or death 
  • Final tax on your pension is only 10 % 

Simulate your pension

Do you want to know how much you’ll receive as a self-employed entrepreneur in retirement? We’re not surprised. Thanks to our simulator, you can quickly calculate the difference between your current income and your pension. 

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But there’s more!

There are other options for your retirement. If you want even more comfort, you can invest in retirement savings or personal savings. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our experts. We’re happy to help!