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To succeed, you need a trusted partner who understands your needs and ambitions. Your business is unique, which is why we offer tailor-made solutions.


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The challenges we face together

Partena Professional supports companies at every stage of their development. We have a solution for every challenge.
Adapting to change
Adapt to the many changes your company faces.
War for talent
Attract and keep talent by presenting yourself as an attractive employer.
Payroll complexity
Comply with Belgian legislation and our country's specific economic landscape.

How can Partena Professional help?

As an SME, you face the same challenges as large companies. That's why it's important to work with a partner who understands your situation and the challenges you face.
  • Personal approach
    You will have a dedicated consultant on hand to assist you on a daily basis and answer any questions you may have.
  • Our expertise at your service
    Our legal and HR experts are always at your service.
  • Additional services
    Our specialists offer you a host of other services so you can concentrate on your core business.

These companies rely on our legal and HR expertise:

Charles Liégeois

Partena Professional helps you to be successful

Human Resources

An effective HR policy supports your organisation's challenges. Implement a solid HR strategy with Partena Professional's solutions.

Legal advice

Do you want to be sure that you are always in compliance with Belgian law? Then it's important to have a partner who can support you on a daily basis.

Payroll management

Process your employees' payroll correctly and optimise your wage costs as much as possible thanks to Partena Professional's tailor-made payroll solutions.

Social elections

Prepare for or find out about social elections and what they mean for your company.

Digital transformation

Replace paper processes with easy-to-use digital tools and save valuable time.

Grow your business with Partena Professional

Partena Professional's social secretariat takes a large number of tasks off your plate and provides you with personalised support and advice.

Join our social secretariat

  • Benefit from a dedicated payroll consultant
  • Our socio-legal expertise is at your disposal
  • Count on our handy and easy-to-use software
Still have questions?
How can Partena Professional help you optimise your process?

Reduce the workload of your HR team by transferring your payroll activities to our experts. They’ll implement the best practices for your business and advise you on how to define your HR goals and policy.   



Would you like to know more about what our experts can do for you? Find out here.   

What sets Partena Professional apart from other social secretariats?

The thing that makes Partena Professional different is the combination of our expertise and personal approach, as well as our solid tools. Partena Professional’s goal is to make work easier and simpler by providing HR  and socio-legal solutions to all professionals in Belgium.   


How do we do this?  

We offer an unparalleled mix of expertise and technology. Our ambition is to remain the frontrunner in cutting-edge technological tools by digitalising and automating tools.  


Who can benefit? 

Every worker, wherever they are in their career: student, employee, (self-employed) entrepreneur, flexi-jobber, etc. 

Can Partena Professional help you with social law?

For SMEs that want proactive advice and a personal approach, we have developed the Legal Privileged Partner service. We will provide the company with a dedicated lawyers. They are assigned to your business and, therefore, have a thorough understanding of how your company operates. This allows you to act proactively. 


As an SME, you can call on your legal expert at any time to: 

  • analyse your procedures or corporate documents  

  • help find a solution to an internal spat 

  • optimise discussions with employee representatives 

  • prepare for major changes with great discretion 

  • .... 


Do you have a specific problem or need requiring socio-legal expertise? Then you can benefit from expertise on a specific subject thanks to Partena Professional's Legal Partner package. Make an appointment to get more info


Do you need to refresh your knowledge on a specific subject? Partena Professional also organises tailor-made, practical legal training courses. Ask us about them

Is there a team with the specific expertise your industry requires?

The teams at Partena Professional meet the needs of SMEs in all industries. Thanks to our dedicated Payroll Consultant you can rest assured that you’ll get custom advice from a real expert. We will assign a contact to you who actually knows your industry and has the proper expertise. This way, we know that our partnership works and that we will deliver the best possible results.  

Always up-to-date with the latest socio-legal news?

In a world in motion, missing a legislative change happens quickly. Partena Professional compiles all the socio-legal news items for you, so you can be well-informed at all times.

Partena Professional is always here for you

We provide you with a unique structure to launch, develop or optimise your projects. Our solutions, developed by experts, allow you to optimise and secure your income, as well as get the proper support in your career.