Dreams Lab: from business dream to dream business

Are you itching to start your own business, but don’t know how? Partena Professional’s Dreams Lab programme boosts your future business by providing you with professional support in every phase of your company’s development. 

No matter where you’re at with your project, from a fun idea to a complete concept, we can help. 


Please note that the Dreams Lab services are only available in Dutch and French


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How Partena Professional helps

Complete support throughout your launch
In just 4 weeks, we’ll help you make your dream come true, from finetuning your idea to registering it at our one-stop shop for entrepreneurs.
A safe environment to test your idea
Test your idea or concept with other startups and take advantage of our experts’ advice and feedback.
Extensive social protection
Our business is to develop yours, thanks to our support and tailor-made solutions. Join our social insurance fund and easily manage your file online.

What is Dreams Lab?

Dreams Check

The starters checklist is the perfect tool to not lose sight of anything and prevent unwelcome surprises when starting a new business. Fill in the form to get the checklist.

Dreams Work

Take advantage of personal coaching and learn how to use the right tools to manage your business over the course of 3 interactive workshops. This will allow you to refine your business model and turn every stage of your business’ development into a success.

Dreams Test

Is there a better way to test your project than a meeting with professionals? The Dream Test module offers you a unique chance to take away advice and ideas that you can implement straight away.

Find out if you’re ready to start your own business!

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Ready to take the leap?

Don’t hesitate to take full advantage of Partena Professional’s offer to make your dreams come true.

  • Sign up at the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises.
  • Request the necessary permits to start.
  • Join our Social Insurance Fund for self-employed entrepreneurs.