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Want to optimise your payroll and keep your employees happy? Then Partena Professional is the right partner for you. 


Get advice from our experts and find the best payroll solutions for your business and proper remuneration for your employees. 


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A worry-free payfroll administration

At Partena Professional, you can count on advice you can really get to work with. Behind every recommendation is a solution. And which solutions you want is entirely up to you


We can take your payroll completely out of your hands or provide partial support. Ranging from temporary help to a long-term permanent partner. During your first appointment, we will look together at how we can strengthen or unburden you and help you best. 


... with the help of your Partena payroll consultant

If you choose Partena Professional, you get your very own payroll consultant. You'll get help with:
  • All-in social and legal expertise
    Thanks to our experts and our legal tools, you will benefit from dedicated legal assistance for small businesses.
  • Payroll optimisation
    Your consultant will advise you on opportunities to optimise your salaries, such as fringe benefits, meal vouchers, net allowances and introducing a bonus plan.
  • Tailored software packages and advice
    Your consultant will help you implement a payroll software package, specially put together for small businesses, and teach you how to use it.

Digitise and optimise your payroll administration

As a Partena Professional client, you can benefit from the payroll software SmartSalary. 

With SmartSalary, you manage your entire payroll quickly and simply, wherever and whenever you want. 


  • creating new employees and employment contracts
  • preparation, calculation and automatic payment of salaries
  • tool for payroll documents and reporting
  • link to dimona on web
Do you still have questions?
How much does an employee cost?

To calculate an employee's base salary, you need to take account of the following: 

  • the salary that you are obliged to pay to your employee in accordance with the salary scales specific to your joint committee or company;   

  • the social security contributions and tax deductions that you have to pay to the National Social Security Office (NSSO) and the Tax Office respectively;   

  • the indexation and changes in salary. 

Run an online wage simulation to find out how much your employee will earn. Want to know more about your employees' gross and net salaries? Contact Partena Professional

How can I optimise my payroll?

Payroll optimisation is about giving your employees more salary or benefits without increasing your budget.  

Popular forms of salary optimisation are meal vouchers, travel reimbursement, a company smartphone, hospitalisation insurance, working from home allowance, a company car, etc.  

In addition to salary optimisation, there are other ways to motivate your employees.  

Want to know how you can motivate your employees even more? Get in touch with us

How to reduce your labour costs?

A good way to reduce your payroll costs is to offer your employees benefits that are exempt from tax and social security contributions. These benefits are also a great way to attract and retain talented employees.  


Popular benefits are: 

  • meal vouchers 

  • eco vouchers 

  • company car 

  • health insurance 

  • group insurance 

  • travel reimbursement 

  • ... 

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