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Self-employed entrepreneurs have less social insurance than employees. That’s why you need to take charge of your social insurance. To protect you, your family and your business


The government encourages you to do this anyway. When you start as a self-employed entrepreneur, you’re required to take out certain insurance policies. But on top of that, you can take out additional insurance. These policies aren’t mandatory but are strongly recommended


At Partena, we can give you advice on these additional insurance policies to give you the best possible social security! 

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Mandatory insurance   

When you start as a self-employed entrepreneur, you’re bound by law to take out certain insurance policies. Which ones (partially) depend on your industry: 

  • Professional liability insurance: covers physical, material and consequential damages caused by professional intellectual errors. 
  • Workplace accident insurance: (only mandatory if you have employees) covers loss of income and medical costs after accidents at work or while commuting. 
  • Third-party liability insurance (BA) (only mandatory if you have company vehicles) covers only physical and material damages caused to third parties by your company vehicles. 
  • Liability insurance for fire and explosion: mandatory if your business is accessible to the public (hospitality services, shops, public office buildings...). 

Additional insurance 

Although the insurance policies below aren’t mandatory, we do recommend taking them out:  

  • Fire insurance: covers damages caused by fire, lightning, water and storms.
  • Company damages insurance: entitles the beneficiary to financial compensation when the business operations are (partially) on hold. For instance, due to a fire in the office building. 
  • Third-party liability insurance (BA): covers the damage your employees cause to third parties when they do their work. 
  • Guaranteed income insurance: when you’re (temporarily) unable to work. 
  • Life insurance: think long-term with traditional life insurance.

Did you know that meticulous social insurance also gives you fiscal advantages? So, taking out additional insurance isn’t just interesting because it protects you from potential risks.  

Health insurance 

Besides your social insurance fund, you also need to register with a health insurance fund. This covers part of your medical expenses. By registering with a social insurance fund and a health insurance fund, you make sure you have good basic protection. Partenamut's hospitalisation and dental insurance are two additional insurance policies for self-employed entrepreneurs. 


As a self-employed entrepreneur, it’s essential to add to your legal retirement plan. This is because the statutory pension for the self-employed is not high and if you don't add to your pension, you will not be able to maintain your standard of living after your career. 

Luckily, there are different fiscally interesting saving solutions for a supplementary pension

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