Which grants are available entrepreneurs?

You’ll have to invest to help your business grow. Whether you’re trying to set up a webshop, hire personnel or buy equipment, grants and subsidies are an interesting way to finance your business as a self-employed business owner. But what kind of support are you entitled to and how do you come by it? 


Would you like to know which grants you’re entitled to?

Our partner Subsiconseils can help you identify the grants you’re entitled to and submit your application. 

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Which grants are you entitled to?

Subsidies and grants are different depending on the area where your company is based and the industry you operate in:

Which projects can be eligible for funding?

As we’ve mentioned before, the projects eligible for financial aid can vary depending on the area, but here are the main projects: 

  • Creating a website or a webshop 

  • Investments (purchasing or fitting out a building, purchasing or leasing equipment, meeting certain standards, building security, etc.) 

  • Training 

  • Export assistance (visiting business fairs, prospect trips, creating a brochure or video, etc.) 

  • Recruiting an employee 

  • Innovation (R&D) 

  • Consultancy (digitalisation business, hiring a lawyer, market research, etc.) 


How to request funding 

An application for a grant must be accompanied by a complete and substantiated file. Depending on the type of funding, other conditions may apply. Make sure you have your administrative affairs perfectly in order before submitting your application.  

Do you need help filling in your application? Our experts and our partner Subsiconseil can help you to:  

-       identify the grants that may be interesting to you 

-       introduce your application to the relevant authorities 

-      Follow up on your application until the funding is deposited. 


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