As of today, EASYPAY GROUP, the largest family-owned HR solutions group in Belgium, is officially part of Partena Professional.

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Publication date: 03/07/2023 - 21:12
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Brussels, 3 July 2023 - As of today, EASYPAY GROUP, the largest family-owned HR solutions group in Belgium, is officially part of Partena Professional, the well-known HR and payroll service provider. CEOs Els Pareit and Bruno Ronsse have officially completed the acquisition.

This enables the strengthened Partena Professional group to provide support throughout the entire professional career of employees.

"Thanks to this acquisition, our group is now in a position to assist everyone working in Belgium, at any stage of a career or the life of a company," says CEO of Partena Professional, Bruno Ronsse.

Partena Professional, a leading HR service provider for all professionals and entrepreneurs in Belgium, announces today that it has acquired 100% of the shares of the Pareit family in EASYPAY GROUP.

Through this agreement, Partena Professional gains control of the 25 entities of EASYPAY GROUP, following the approval of the Belgian Competition Authority (BCA). EASYPAY GROUP currently employs approximately 400 employees who help 23,000 employers in Belgium to manage their employees’ payroll. 

A strengthened service offering tailored to labour market changes

The labour market is becoming increasingly fragmented, with people changing jobs and statuses more frequently. As a result, HR service providers need to support professionals and entrepreneurs with a growing number of profiles. 

To meet this challenge in the best possible way, Partena Professional has found the perfect partner in EASYPAY GROUP. This group has solid expertise in software and is mainly active in Flanders. The group also specializes in fast-growing sectors of the labour market, such as temporary and flex work.

"This acquisition represents a significant strengthening for Partena Professional. It broadens our service offering, enabling us to meet the growing needs of our customers. And thanks to its experience in the field, EASYPAY GROUP is helping us to take a new step forward in terms of digitization, both for our own services and to follow up on digitization in social security," according to Bruno Ronsse.

An integration that strengthens both parties

With this acquisition, Partena Professional is strengthening its presence on the market, particularly in Flanders. By integrating EASYPAY's decades of experience in software and innovative digital solutions for HR, it becomes a leader in autonomous payroll and personnel management systems. Partena Professional can now play even better the role of a complete provider of HR services for every professional: whether you are an employee, self-employed, temporary worker, flex worker, civil servant or have several of these statuses at the same time.

EASYPAY GROUP is operating in an environment characterised by growth, at a time when market consolidation has just begun. Through Partena Professional's network, the group will be able to apply its expertise to new segments, such as start-ups and the self-employed. Apart from this, Partena Professional offers the EASYPAY group access to a recognised consultancy centre.

Both organisations share a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. This will enable the smooth integration of their operational services. Following the integration of EASYPAY GROUP's activities, Partena Professional estimates it will run 700,000 payroll calculations per month.

Given the growth and number of vacancies in both companies, Partena Professional does not expect a negative impact on employment. This acquisition follows a collaboration of the two parties in the temporary agency sector in 2022.


About Partena Professional

Partena Professional is one of the leading payroll offices and providers of HR and payroll services and support to all professionals and entrepreneurs in Belgium. Every day, a team of 1,600 employees supports 140,000 self-employed people and 80,000 employers in their business processes, social administration and personnel management. Start-ups and the self-employed benefit from specific support in their administrative procedures. For small, medium and large companies, Partena Professional offers quality HR services with a customised combination of technology, legal, HR and payroll management expertise. Partena Professional is the Belgian partner of ADP, the world's largest payroll service provider. Partena Professional has an annual turnover of 180 million euros.

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