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All you need to know about social security contributions

What are social security contributions, how are they calculated and why do you have to pay them? We'll explain everything in detail.

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Thanks to the My Social Security Manager online tool, you can easily access your information and manage your entire social security file in just a few clicks.

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Grants and subsidies are an attractive source of funding for the self-employed. Find out what help you are entitled to and how to get it.

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If you're self-employed, it's important to be protected in the event of a setback.

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Much more than a social security fund for the self-employed, Partena Professional secures your social security rights and provides you with the advice you need throughout your career.

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All you need to know about your social security contributions?
How are social security contributions calculated?

The amount due for social security contributions is calculated based on a percentage of 20.5%, applied to your annual net taxable professional income. This rate also applies to those who are self-employed in a main activity, as well as those in a side activity.


When you start your professional activity, that number isn’t known yet. That means you’ll pay provisional contributions. The amount of those is calculated on a flat-rate basis and is adjusted after 2 years. Have you been self-employed for several years already? The contributions are then based on your income from 3 years ago. You will also receive an adjustment proposal 2 years later.


You have three options for your social security contributions: 

  1. You pay the legal amount proposed to you. 

  1. You pay a larger sum than the provisional amount. 

  1. You request a reduction of the provisional amount. 



To avoid unwelcome surprises, you can calculate what your social security contributions will amount to. Just use our tool My Social Security Manager. You'll then also be able to adjust your provisional contributions accordingly. 

When do I have to pay my social security contributions?

As an entrepreneur, you have to pay your social security contributions to your Social Insurance Fund, no later than the last day of each quarter:


  • 31 March 
  • 30 June 
  • 30 September 
  • 31 December 


If you’re late, you have to add an increase of 3% per quarter and a surcharge of 7% if you’re still late on the 1st of January of the next year.


Our top tip?


Make your payments by: 

21 March (contributions of the 1st quarter) 

21 June (contributions of the 2nd quarter) 

21 September (contributions of the 3rd quarter)  

21 December (contributions of the 4th quarter)



One final tip: 

Use direct debit. It’s easy: through our online tool My Social Security Manager or one of our experts. 

Am I covered if I fall ill?

The social security contributions you pay each quarter are there to cover you in case of illness (long-term) or inability to work. It also gives you the right to reimbursement of your medical expenses and payment of your benefits.


Are you unable to work? To enjoy your benefits, you need to:


  • notify your Social Insurance Fund and your insurance company

  • have your social security contributions in order. 


If you have to simply visit the doctor or if you’re ill for just a couple of days, the conditions above do not apply.  

How can I calculate my retirement allowance?

Thanks to our pension simulator, you can easily calculate the gap between your income now and your estimated pension.


Is this gap too wide for you to retire comfortably? In collaboration with P&V Insurances, we can offer you a Free Supplementary Pension for the Self-Employed (FSPSE), which allows you to obtain up to 80% of your current income. Additionally, it reduces your taxes and social contributions during your career.


For business managers who have taken out an IPC (Individual Pension Commitment), the tool sends you a report on how to optimise your income in retirement.


For more information on your statutory and supplementary pension, consult this page. 

Do I need additional insurance?

Professional insurance policies are the perfect way to add to your social coverage and protect you and your family in the best way possible. Here are some examples of additional insurance policies offered by Partena Professional that could be useful to you:


  • Guaranteed income insurance: makes sure you have an income when you’re unable to work. 

  • Professional liability insurance: protects you if you cause bodily harm or material damage to third parties during your professional activities.  

  • Workplace accident insurance: required from the moment you hire an employee. Covers work accidents that may occur. 

  • Health insurance for the self-employed: this insurance policy provides you with superior protection for your dental health and hospitalisation expenses.


We also offer other complémentary insurance policies to give you the best possible protection. 

How can I calculate my gross/net salary as a business manager?

To calculate your gross/net salary, including charges and benefits in kind (car, phone, meal vouchers, etc.), use our simulator. You can create and save multiple simulations and compare them easily. 

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