Meet the challenges of internationalisation with Partena Professional

By expanding your business activities across borders, your company is taking a huge step. You will have to hire foreign employees and/or send Belgian employees to another country


In terms of labour law, taxation and social security, the rules differ from country to country. For employers, this is a complex matter. Fortunately, Partena Professional's Global Employment Consulting service provides you with state-of-the-art expertise in international employment. 

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There are 5 main types of internationalisation:


Working abroad

Example 1:

The members of your sales team all work in Belgium. To explore the French and Dutch markets before becoming active there, you hire one Dutch and one French employee.


Example 2:

An employee moves abroad for private reasons and wants to work part-time from home.


Simultaneous occupation

Example: Your products are marketed in several European countries. One of the account managers in your sales team takes care of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg and divides his working time simultaneously among these three countries.


Secondment of staff

Secondment involves an employee working on the territory of a country other than the one from which he usually carries out his work. 


Posting is normally temporary (limited duration). We distinguish two types: 


  1. Secondment of foreign employees to Belgium (Inbound) 

    Example: The parent company of your group temporarily places one of its employees in Belgium for a mission at its subsidiary.

  2. Posting of Belgian employees abroad (Outbound) 

    Example: You send an employee to your factory in China for four years to perform a supervisory function there. In this case, we speak of an expat. 


International payroll service

This international payroll service is intended for Belgian companies that want to set up abroad, recruit local employees and have their payroll managed by Partena Professional. The payroll is then managed by Partena Professional's local partners.


Example: You're a Belgian company that wants to expand into the Netherlands and recruit Dutch employees.


Foreign companies in Belgium

Example: a foreign company sets up in Belgium and wants us to take care of the induction of employees, administrative and legal management (contracts, etc.), salaries, etc.

What can Partena Professional do for you?

Checking and optimising compliance
Any internationalisation requires an analysis of the application of social law and tax rules. Moreover, such a check avoids nasty financial surprises for both the employer and the employee.
Labour law
Which labour law legislation is applicable? What type of contract should be drafted? Is it necessary to add an addendum to the Belgian employment contract? Do the rules of Belgian labour law need to be considered? Does the labour law of another country apply? Or do we even speak of a combination of both?
Social security
Which social security system applies to the situation? Which country is responsible for withholding contributions or the employee's social security? What formalities must be completed in Belgium or abroad? And how do you set up a payroll system in another country?
Tax law
Which country has tax jurisdiction? Where is the remuneration taxed? Do I have to deduct withholding tax? Is it necessary to prepare a tax form? What are the administrative formalities? How should double tax treaties be interpreted?
Internationalisation also involves a series of formalities to be completed and documents to be filled in, like visa, work permit, Certificate of Coverage, Limosa declaration, tax documents, etc.

The Global Employment Consulting service is your ally in the internationalisation of your business

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An international network
Thanks to Partena Professional's various partnerships, your company can count on the strength of an international network. You benefit from the tax expertise of our experts combined with the social expertise of Partena Professional's Legal Partners.
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Single point of contact
Partena Professional remains your point of contact. The management of your internationalisation is assigned to a dedicated Legal Consultant who knows your business perfectly.
Personalised support
Benefit from a support service for all your legal, social and tax procedures. Our experts carry out targeted analyses, give you advice tailored to your situation and ensure the implementation of the solution.

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Want to know more about the Global Employment Consulting service? 

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