Accountant Desk: the single point of contact for all accountants

Are you a certified tax advisor or accountant? Partena Professional’s Accountant Desk has an answer to all your questions. A team of professionals is ready to help you tackle your daily challenges by providing you with advice, support and quick interventions

Why rely on the Accountant Desk? 

With the Accountant Desk, you can answer all your clients’ questions quickly and accurately. We support accountants across all the business areas Partena Professional operates in: 

  • Registering companies and modifying data in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises 

  • Affiliating new clients 

  • Answering questions about client files or payroll as a single point of contact 

  • Providing first-line support as part of our one-stop shop for entrepreneurs, social secretariat and social insurance fund 

  • Handling all your requests, ranging from duplicates, documents, reports, etc. 

  • ... 

What’s in it for you? 

  • Enjoy more autonomy 

  • Save time 

  • Strengthen the trust you have built with your clients

  • Encourage your clients to become successful 


Partena Professional in numbers

icon accountant

+ 2,500 accountants benefit from it already

98% of requests are answered within 24 hours

+ 20 experts in our team



1 contact for all Partena Professional services

How do I reach the Accountant Desk?

The Accountant Desk is accessible to every accountant who is a Partena Professional client or has at least one shared client with Partena Professional. 

Email adress: accountantdesk@partena.be 

Phone number: 078 78 78 21 


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