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Good payroll management allows you to create a team of motivated employees. But there’s more to it than calculating salaries. Our modular software and our payroll experts allow you to correctly process your staff’s payroll and optimise your salary costs, so you can reduce your costs without impacting your employees’ pay. 

Whatever your goals are, you can rest assured that you’re making the right decisions with Partena Professional’s support. 

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What are your salary costs?

Salary costs are the costs you, as an employer, bear. They are usually:
  • The gross salary of your employee
    This is your employee’s total salary before the deduction of social security contributions and tax.
  • Employer’s contributions
    NSSO contributions you pay on top of your gross salary to contribute to your employee’s supplementary pension.
  • Other personnel costs
    Holiday pay, bonuses and accident insurance. As an employer, you can optimise your salary costs thanks to benefits in kind and flexible salary packages.

Create an attractive salary package 

A flexible salary package allows you to find innovative ways to pay your employees. This way, you can save on salary costs and motivate your employees with remuneration tailored to their needs and wishes. 

There are different kinds of flexible salary packages and salary optimisations: 

  • Benefits in kind: choose among the most popular benefits, like meal vouchers, eco vouchers, group insurance or a company car. 

  • Cafeteria plan:  offer motivating benefits and retain your top talent with flexible remuneration. 

  • Bonus optimisation: stimulate strong performance or the achievement of goals with financial rewards.

  • Invest in innovation: take advantage of the partial exemption from withholding tax on innovation projects. 

How can Partena Professional help?

As an SME, you generally don’t have a large HR department in your company. That’s why you need the solid expertise of a social secretariat.  

You can rely on us to support you in tandem with your HR department or to take care of everything from A to Z, depending on your needs. It’s up to you! 

Our payroll experts help SMEs with: 

  • the optimisation of the payroll process 

  • the improvement of the gross/net salary of your employees  

  • your payroll, whether you want to outsource some or all of it

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