Starting your own business was never this easy

Do you have an idea, the drive to do business or the skills? Thanks to our expertise, your dreams come true. Rely on our professional coaching that guides you step by step. Start your business with peace of mind.

Start without a care, with Partena Professional

Setting up your own business is an important decision, which you undoubtedly considered thoroughly in advance. Personal or financial risks, legal or administrative requirements and other obstacles may prevent you from taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. But don’t worry, Partena Professional is here to answer all your questions.

Rely on our experts and, with professional guidance, easily overcome all the administrative and legal hurdles involved in starting your own business. At Partena Professional we go to great lengths to make your company a success.

For example, we can advise you on the choice of your status, the drafting of a business plan and the search for financial resources. You can also contact us for questions about a guaranteed income and your social rights and obligations. We are also happy to help you think about the next step in the development of your activities. That makes Partena Professional a reliable partner when starting your business. With the support of an expert, you can get started with peace of mind.

Starting your own business with Partena Professional, that is ...


We guide you through every step of your project with our expertise and practical tools.


Start your own business online or receive tailored advice in one of our branches. It’s up to you.

No risk

With our legal and administrative expertise you will always make the right decision.


Call on our extensive network of reliable partners and enjoy the benefits they offer.

Ready to set up your own business in a few clicks

You have decided and you have collected all necessary information? Don't wait any longer! With our digital enterprise counter you can take care of all the administrative matters necessary to start your business or self-employed activity. Starting your business has never been easier.


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