Get ready for the 2024 social elections!

Do you employ more than 50 full-time workers? Then your company must organise social elections in May 2024. This is for establishing or renewing consultation bodies in your company.  

Currently, the social elections still seem far away. Yet it is best to start preparing now. After all, the elections involve a strict and complex procedure. At Partena Professional, we guide you through this procedure. Discover what is at stake and how we can help you. 

What are social elections? 

Every 4 years, private sector companies with at least 50 full-time employees are legally required to organise social elections. The purpose of these social elections is to give employees the opportunity to appoint representatives for the company's consultative bodies. These consultative bodies include the Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work and, in some cases, the Works Council

The Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work (CPPW) is responsible for ensuring the well-being of employees. The committee consists of: 

  • representatives chosen by the employer 

  • the internal prevention advisor 

  • representatives chosen by the employees 

The Works Council consists of both employer and employee representatives and is tasked with informing and consulting employees on the economic and social aspects of the company. 

If your company has at least 100 employees, you are legally obligated to organise social elections for the establishment of a Works Council. 

The number of employees in a company (or in multiple companies) determines whether you must organise social elections. A company can exist on its own or form a Technical Business Unit (TBE) in collaboration with other companies. 

The Technical Business Unit is an entity with a certain degree of economic and, especially, social autonomy, which makes it considered a cohesive whole. In practice, a TBE may not necessarily correspond to the legal entity of a company. This means: 

  • There can be multiple Technical Business Units within the same legal entity. 

  • Different companies can be regarded as one Technical Business Unit. 

If you are required to organise social elections, you must determine what your Technical Business Unit is before the election procedure begins. 

If you are uncertain about the scope of your Technical Business Unit, our experts are ready to provide you with advice. 

Does your company need to organise social elections?  

That depends on the number of employees in your company, which may encompass one or more Technical Business Units (TBEs). 

  • If your company has fewer than 50 employees, you are not required to organise social elections. 

  • If your company has between 50 and 100 employees, you must organise social elections for a CPPW. 

  • If your company has more than 100 employees, you must organise social elections for a CPPW and a Works Council. 

How do you prepare for the election procedure? 

The next social elections will be held in May 2024. Nevertheless, it is advisable to start your preparations now. You must follow a strict procedural timetable. The first important date in this schedule is already 150 days before the start of the election period. So, the sooner you start, the better! 

Key dates in the election procedures:

150 days before the elections (X-60)

This marks the beginning of the pre-election phase. During this phase, you need to define your Technical Business Unit, confirm the number of employees in your enterprise, create an inventory of managerial and executive positions, and more.     

90 days before the elections (day X)

This is the day when the election procedure commences, often referred to as day X. On day X, you need to determine the official date of the elections within the Technical Business Unit (TBE), compile lists of candidates and voters, set up polling stations, and distribute the notices. 

Election day and the days after (day Y)

This is the day when the election period begins, also known as day Y. On day Y and in the following days, voting takes place, votes are counted, minutes are prepared, election results are announced and posted, and new consultative bodies are formed. 

45 days after the elections

This is the day when the new consultative bodies convene for the first time. 

Social Elections 2024: How can Partena Professional help you? 

We help you prevent mistakes, avoid internal conflicts, and ensure the smooth execution of your social elections: 

  • Receive professional support from start to finish. 

  • Ensure that every step is carried out correctly. 

  • Ease your own workload and that of your HR department. 

  • Prevent social discord and penalties. 

Choose your formula 

Would you like support before, during or after your social elections? Would you like to be helped by phone or in person? You decide. We offer 2 possible formulas: 

If you opt for the 'Hands-free' formula, we will support you from start to finish. 

  • You get a dedicated contact person. He or she will take care of all obligations related to the election procedure and come to support you on-site. 

  • You receive several workshops on social elections. 

  • We validate the preparation of your procedure on the day the election period starts (day Y). 

If you choose the 'Hands-on' formula, we will support you at the important moments of the elections. 

  • You can use a digital tool to manage the election procedure. 

  • You get workshops by a consultant at 3 key moments in the election procedure. 

  • You get 2 hours of consultancy during the election procedure (no strings attached). 

  • You get 2 exports (personnel file) from the wage engine (day X and X+77). 

Prepare now for the 2024 social elections 

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