Are you an expert in your business? So are we!

Being self-employed doesn’t mean you are on your own. Partena Professional and a whole team of experts is ready to support you in the development of your company. This allows you to fully concentrate on your activities.

Focus all your attention on your business, and we will do the rest.

As a self-employed person your customers are the reason of your existence. They expect a lot of you, and you want to give them your best. But who takes care of you, while you take care of them?

Because being self-employed brings loads of responsibilities with it. Are you running around all the time, drowning in red tape, and do you have the impression that you are expected to be a specialist in all areas?

Partena Professional takes administrative tasks off the hands of self-employed persons, but also makes the expertise of specialists available. Skills which make a business grow.

Partena Professional is more than just a social security insurance fund or payroll company. If you work with us, you will not only have access to the tools and services to easily manage your administration, insurance or employees, you will also have an experienced contact who can give you advice about and assist you in your decisions in every step of your self-employed career. It will give you peace of mind and time to spend on your customers.  You can do what you do best, and we will do the rest.

Eager to find out how we can make your life easier?

Do you want to know what we can do for you, do you have concrete questions or do you want a personal approach?

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As a self-employed person Partena Professional will help you:

Protect your income

Articles of association, wages, savings, pension, insurance ... We will be pleased to help you on the way to the best protection for you and your company.

Facilitate your growth

Tailored advice, financing, legal assistance, recruitments, management of payments or fleet: whatever your needs are, we have the expertise and practical tools to meet them.

Enjoy exclusive benefits

Get to know our extensive network of reliable partners and take advantage of the many benefits.

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