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As a self-employed person or manager, all your attention is focused on your activity and your customers. You want to avoid having to worry about the future or about your personal situation. That is why Partena Professional developed several solutions to allow you to protect your income and optimise your social security cover.

You are in the best position to understand that a self-employed status offers less protection than an employee status. Doing business is indeed also about taking risks, but you obviously wonder how you can protect yourself, your business and your family.

What is the most favourable choice for my remuneration? What happens to me and my company in the event of illness or an accident at work? And what about my pension? As an ideal partner for self-employed persons and company manager, Partena Professional developed several unique solutions to provide you with answers to all these questions.

Protecting and optimising your income, easily managing your social security contributions, but also protecting yourself in the event of bout of bad luck or preparing to end your career: we will help you in order to minimise personal risks.

Thanks to our advice and practical tools, you save time, reduce the administrative load and ensure that you are well protected. So you can do business with peace of mind.

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