Temporary unemployment: check form C3.2A now available in electronic format

Author: Catherine Mairy (Legal expert)
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Publication date: 06/09/2023 - 07:25
Latest update: 06/09/2023 - 07:28

From 1 September 2023, workers may use an electronic version of the C3.2A check form when they are temporarily unemployed.

Check form C3.2A: brief reminder

The employer must issue a check form C3.2A to each temporarily unemployed worker no later than the first actual day of unemployment of each month.

This is a numbered form issued on paper.

To receive unemployment benefits, temporarily unemployed workers must submit this check form C3.2A:

  • to their payment body;
  • at the end of each month in which they were made temporarily unemployed.

Note - Special rules apply in case of temporary unemployment of manual workers in the construction sector due to lack of work for economic reasons.

Check form C3.2A: electronic version

As of 1 September 2023, the paper version of form C3.2A may be replaced by an electronic version, called electronic C3.2 or eC3.2.

All information is available on the website of the ONEm/RVA; here is a summary.

Concluding an agreement or amending the employment regulations 

The use of the electronic C3.2 or eC3.2 must be provided for:

  • by a collective bargaining agreement or by the employment regulations; in this case, the employer must inform the unemployment office (where the company's registered office is located) and the temporarily unemployed worker is obliged to use the electronic version of form C3.2A (temporary revocation by the worker is possible, however, under certain conditions);
  • or based on a mutual agreement between the employer and the worker; in this case, however, the worker has the option of revoking his choice (temporary revocation or complete revocation under certain conditions).

Note - If the electronic version of control form C3.2A is used, it is no longer necessary to complete the validation book (if applicable).

Access to the electronic C3.2 or eC3.2 and completion/sending instructions

Temporarily unemployed workers have access to the electronic C3.2 or eC3.2:

  • either through the eC32 application (check card) that they install on their smartphone/mobile phone;
  • or through the social security portal site (https://www.socialsecurity.be; section Citoyen > Services en ligne > Carte de contrôle chômage temporaire), on their PC.

By following the instructions on the screen of their smartphone/mobile phone or PC, the workers must:

  • from the first actual day of temporary unemployment of the month: if necessary, complete the electronic C3.2 or eC3.2;
  • at the end of the month: send the electronic C3.2 or eC3.2 to their payment body.

Do you need a model for using the electronic C3.2 or eC3.2 in your company? Please contact our Legal Partners via legalpartners@partena.be.

Source: article 71ter, § 4 of the Royal Decree of 25 November 1991 laying down the unemployment regulations.

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