Brussels-Capital Region: support measures for companies

Author: Anne Ghysels (Legal Expert)
Read time: 3min
Publication date: 03/04/2024 - 07:53
Latest update: 03/04/2024 - 07:55

The Brussels-Capital Region is changing and simplifying its support measures for companies. 

We take a look at two of them, but we invite you to visit the Brussels Economy and Employment website to discover the wide range of available support measures. These relate to investments, training, hiring, co-working, launching a business project, consultancy, economic transition (including the purchase of a cargo bike or a bike trailer) and digitisation. These measures came into force on 26 March 2024.

Training support 

This support is aimed at micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that provide external training to their workers (except for temporary agency workers and students).

Such training is aimed at improving the functioning or economic development of the beneficiary and has a maximum duration of 6 months. It may include, among other things, language, technical, legal, management, business or marketing training, etc. Conferences and seminars are excluded.

Training support amounts to 40% of eligible expenses, with a maximum of €5,000 per training course. The number of subsidised training courses is limited to 10 per beneficiary per calendar year.

If your company meets certain criteria, a higher amount may be granted.

Recruitment support 

This measure is aimed at micro-enterprises that hire an additional worker for at least half-time employment under an employment contract for an indefinite period, subject to certain conditions.

At the time of applying for support, you must employ at least one full-time equivalent under an employment contract for an indefinite period (except temporary agency workers). Therefore, the additional worker may not be your first worker. 

This additional hiring must result in an increase in your workforce compared to the 12 months prior to your application for support (or at the time of your registration with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE) if you have been registered there for less than 12 months).

The basic amount of support is €5,000. Certain criteria fulfilled by your micro-enterprise or by the worker you hire (Activa card, etc.) may increase this amount up to a maximum of €15,000. The amount of support is calculated in proportion to the time worked of the newly hired worker and may not exceed the amount of his gross wage during the period for which the support is granted (excluding social security contributions).

More information on these support measures (conditions, excluded sectors, etc.) can be found on the Economy and Employment website. 

You can apply for the support online at the same website.


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  • Decree of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region of 22 February 2024 on training support, Belgian Official Gazette of 15.03.2024.

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