Apply for a payment plan with the tax authorities: quick and easy

Author: Peggy Criel (Legal Expert)
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Publication date: 20/09/2021 - 08:10
Latest update: 20/09/2021 - 08:12

Do you have an outstanding debt with the FPS Finance but cannot pay the requested amount on time due to temporary payment problems? Then a staggered payment plan might be the solution.

What are the conditions for obtaining a payment plan?

You can pay your debt within four months of the payment deadline.

If you meet the following conditions, you can obtain a payment plan without further examination of your income and expenditure:

  • the application must be submitted on time (at the latest by the deadline for payment of your debt);
  • you have no other debts to the FPS Finance;
  • you comply with the obligations relating to the declaration and payment of taxes withheld at source (withholding tax, VAT, withholding tax on movable property, etc.).

Please note that a payment plan is also subject to interest on arrears.

How to apply for a payment plan?

It is now very easy to apply for a payment plan online for a maximum period of four months. Especially if you submit your application as soon as you receive the payment invitation.

You do not have to fill in any forms as you can apply for your payment plan via It is also not necessary to fill in a questionnaire. For more information, we refer you to the website of the FPS Finance.

You will be informed directly whether your application for a plan has been accepted.

Payment plan for a longer period

If you do not meet the requirements for a payment plan for a maximum period of four months, this does not necessarily mean that you are not eligible for a payment plan. However, the FPS Finance will take into account your income and expenditure to determine whether and for how long it will grant a payment plan.

Source: Notice FPS Finance, Apply for a payment plan: quick and easy with the new MyMinfin digital form.

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