Taking over a business

Author: Partena Professional (Legal expertise)
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Give your business a new direction, with a merger or acquisition!

By taking over a company or merging with another company, you can make your own business stronger and more profitable - if you do it right. Because a take-over or merger is a sizeable challenge, where you cannot leave anything to chance: administration, finance, personnel, ...

1+1 = 1!

Whether we are talking about a merger or an acquisition of a company, the result is the same: two separate entities will henceforth form a single entity. Prepare this thoroughly, by

  • streamlining the operations of both companies
  • thinking carefully about the reorganization of assets, positions, functions, etc.
  • find ways to smooth out the differences between the companies - working methods, pay, culture, etc.

Consequences of a merger or acquisition of a company

Changing your details in the Central Businesses Databank

Will the merger or acquisition of a company lead to the disappearance of one of the entities? Then delete the company's number in the Central Businesses Databank. Will both entities continue to exist? Then you just need to change their articles of association and details in the CBD.

What does that mean in practice? Complete the documents below, and provide them to the Partena Professional Enterprise Counter:

Need more help? Contact the Partena SmartStart Enterprise Counter.

Changing your HR management

A merger or acquisition of a company inevitably involves a reorganisation of your business. You need to:

  • amend the employment contracts of your employees;
  • draw up new standing employment conditions;
  • change the status of workers;
  • adapt and optimize your HR policy.

Do you find all this intimidating? Don't worry: with our legal and HR experts, your reorganisation will go like clockwork! Explain your situation to us and we will tell you how we can help you with the merger or acquisition of a company.