Guaranteed Minimum Income: amounts as of 1 April 2022

Author: Catherine Mairy (Legal expert)
Read time: 2min
Publication date: 31/03/2022 - 18:31
Latest update: 31/03/2022 - 18:33

The amount of the Guaranteed Average Monthly Minimum Income (GAMMI) increases as of 1 April 2022, in accordance with the social agreement reached on 25 June 2021.

This agreement provides for an increase in the GAMMI in three stages:

  • on 1 April 2022;
  • on 1 April 2024;
  • and on 1 April 2026.

What will be the rules as from 1 April 2022?

In a nutshell

To execute the first stage, the National Labour Council has concluded the following collective labour agreements (CLAs):

  • CLA No. 43/15 dated 15 July 2021;
  • CLA No. 43/16 dated 9 March 2022;
  • and CLA No. 50/4 dated 15 July 2021.

On the basis of CLA No. 43/15 and CLA No. 43/16, the GAMMI applicable to workers aged 18 and over is increased to a single amount as of 1 April 2022.

Please note! It is planned that this increase will be compensated for by means of the social and fiscal work bonus and by introducing a very low wages reduction as part of the structural reduction.

The establishment of a single GAMMI, however, cannot impact the Guaranteed Average Monthly Minimum Income of workers under 21 years of age.

For this reason, CLA No. 50/4 modifies the percentage applied, as of 1 April 2022, when calculating the guaranteed income for these young workers.

Amounts as of 1 April 2022

Age of the worker

Average Monthly Minimum Income

16 years

1,210.13 EUR (= 67% of 1,806.16 EUR)

17 years

1,318.50 EUR (= 73% of 1,806.16 EUR)

18 years and more

1.806,16 EUR

Note - Special rules apply to young people under the age of 21 who are employed under a student employment contract.

Please note that the sectoral scales are available in our sector documentation.


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