CBA No. 90: Good news if there are no comments in your register of comments!

Author: Aurélie Mercier (Legal Expert)
Read time: 2min
Publication date: 09/02/2023 - 11:34
Latest update: 09/02/2023 - 11:35

On 6 February 2023, a law of 26 December 2022 providing for a simplification of the administrative steps to be followed by the employer in case of implementation of non-recurring result-related benefits (also called “CBA No. 90 bonus”) came into force.

We remind that an employer who wants to introduce this type of bonus within his company must, in certain cases, conclude a deed of accession and make available to his employees a register allowing them to make comments regarding this deed of accession.

Previously, the employer was obliged to forward this register of comments to the competent directorate of the Supervisory Board for legislation, even if the register remained blank. As from now on, if there are no comments in the register, the employer is no longer required to forward the register.

In addition, in order to promote legal certainty, the law now clearly lists the rules that must be complied with in order for the filing of the deed of accession with the clerk's office of the Directorate General for Collective Labour Relations of the FPS Employment to be valid:

  • compliance with the deadlines of the CBA No. 90
  • compliance with the minimum reference period
  • mandatory information as per CBA No. 90
  • if applicable, addition of the comprehensive prevention plan and the current annual action plan.

For more information:

Source: Law of 26 December 2022 amending various provisions concerning collective labour relations, Belgian Official Gazette, 27.01.2023.

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