JC 322.01: Finally, an agreement for the service vouchers sector!

Author: Leen Lafourt (Legal Expert)

Finally, last week the sector agreement for the service vouchers was also passed! This agreement allocates a salary increase of 0.4% as of 1 June 2022 (on top of the index) and provides for an increase in travel allowances.

Below we give you a brief overview of the most important subjects mentioned in this agreement. As soon as the final CBA is available, we will add a detailed analysis to our sector documentation.

Provisions with an impact on salaries

Salary increase

As of 1 June 2022, salaries increase by 0.4%.

You can consult the latest pay scales in our sector information.


As of 1 June 2022, seniority will be retained upon change of employer within the sector.

Travel expenses

Home-to-work travel

As of 1 June 2022 , the contribution to home-to-work travel (public transport + car) increases from 75% to 90%;

Travel between 2 customers

As of 1 June 2022, the kilometric allowance amounts to 0.28€/km for travel by private car.

Travel on behalf of the customer for errands

As of 1 June 2022, the contribution increases from 0.2156€/km to 0.3707 €/km for travel by private car.

Bicycle allowance

As of 1 June 2022, the bicycle allowance increases from 0.23€/km to 0.25€/km.

Travel time

If the worker serves different users consecutively and provided that

  • there is no more than 2 hours between the end of work with one user and the start of work with the next user
  • and the distance travelled does not exceed 1 km,

the travel time will be compensated at 0.11€/km (with a minimum of 0.67€ per travel). Previously, the allowance was 0.09€/km, with a minimum of 0.57€/km.

End-of-year bonus

The number of days worked to be entitled to an end-of-year bonus drops from 65 working days to 30 days worked or days treated as such.

Scheme of unemployment with company supplement (RCC/SWT)

Workers of this JC can benefit from:

  • RCC/SWT from age 62 with an occupational history of at least 40 years for men or 38 years (2022), 39 years (2023) or 40 years (2024) for women;
  • RCC/SWT from the age of 60 for workers with an occupational career of 40 years as a wage earner.
  • RCC/SWT from 60 years for workers with an occupational career of at least 33 years of which 20 years in a scheme of night work or for at least 5 (7) years during the last 10 (15) calendar years before the end of the employment contract in a strenuous job or who have worked in the construction industry and are incapable to work;
  • RCC/SWT from the age of 60 after an occupational history of 35 years in a strenuous job.

You can read more in our Infoflash of 6 September 2021: ‘Which schemes of unemployment with corporate allowance will still be accessible in the following years?’

Time credit

Incentive bonuses

Introduction of an incentive bonus for time credit with motive to care for a child under the age of 8:

  • 90 EUR/month in the event of a full suspension;
  • 40 EUR/month in the event of part-time suspension;
  • 20 EUR/month in the event of a 1/5 suspension;
  • 9 EUR/month in the event of a 1/10 suspension;

End-of-career jobs and time credit

Workers with long careers, strenuous jobs or working in a company in difficulty or undergoing restructuring can (again) benefit from a 1/5 or half-time partial early retirement with benefits from the age of 55.

More information can be found in the infoflash of 27 July 2021: Benefits for an 'end of career' time credit before the age of 60: reintroduction!


Source: Press release in joint trade union project (FGTB, CSC and CGSLB).

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