Partena Professional and Persolis will work closer together

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Brussels, 20 October 2015 – After two years of collaboration, Partena Professional and Persolis have decided to work closer together and offer a unique package of services in the field of Human Resources.
Service provider Partena Professional is acquiring a 37% stake in Persolis, a company specialising in the implementation and maintenance of software suites for HR management. The two companies are joining forces so that HR managers and application managers get access to an integrated total offering for human resources management.

Persolis was founded in 2006 and has accumulated acknowledged know-how in the integration and maintenance of integrated systems for human resources management. Today, the company has about 40 professional staff who are assigned to public and private companies, always with the same aim in mind: to convert the technological promises into value for human resources. Via this collaboration, Partena Professional can offer its clients a broader range of HR services, and thus reinforce its status as a trusted partner for entrepreneurs and HR managers.

Particularly in the field of SAP HCM, the merger of the two companies brings an integrated, holistic solution onto the market for payroll: both the HR aspects (business process outsourcing, managed payroll service, post-payroll services) and IT (application maintenance outsourcing) will be consolidated within a coherent offering. The collaboration will generate more value for the clients of ADP Global View, for which Partena is the exclusive partner in Belgium.

Besides the facts that their spheres of work are obviously complementary, the collaboration between Partena and Persolis is also founded on a shared vision of the customer relationship. This is crucial within an approach based on openness and trust.

"Via the collaboration with Persolis, Partena Professional will be extending its services into outsourcing and, more specifically, into Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).Managed Payroll Services (MPS) can also be offered now to existing and future clients, both Belgian and international firms. The partnership is wholly consistent with Partena Professional's mission to 'do business with entrepreneurs", explains  Michel Halet of Partena Professional.

"Our service provision in relation to projects and maintenance is now being considerably expanded by the services of Partena Professional. We can now offer our clients state-of-the-art HR services that dovetail with our technological services. The partnership with Partena is a sign of recognition for our expertise and the quality of our service provision. We are justifiably proud about that." says Stéphane Scaillet of Persolis.

Partena Professional facts & figures

  • 1 in 4 workers in Belgium are paid by Partena Professional;
  • 1 in 7 employers entrust their payroll to Partena Professional and on an annual basis they are responsible for 6 million pay slips;
  • Turnover of 160 million euro;
  • 1450 employees.

Persolis facts & figures

  • Turnover of 4.5 million euro
  • A workforce of around 40 consultants;
  • Persolis has an attractive client portfolio including around 20 big names in all sectors, both private and public.


For more specific information, contact:
Partena Professional - Bert Pappijn – - 0475 84 04 89

Persolis – Stéphane Scailliet  - – 0497 05 30 41 
PRIDE - Aurélie Coeckelbergh - - 0479 26 16 13