Joint Committee 200 - Convert your eco vouchers? Time for action!

Author: Leen Lafourt

As an employer of joint committee 200 (supplementary joint committee for non-manual workers) you must grant eco vouchers to your workers in the course of the month of June. Or maybe you prefer to reward your workers by granting a different benefit? This in possible within the JC 200!

Eco vouchers in JC 200

Full-time employees with a full reference period will be entitled to eco vouchers worth EUR 250.

Part-time employees are granted eco vouchers according to the following brackets:

Weekly working time


From 4/5 of a full-time employment

EUR 250

From 3/5 of a full-time employment

EUR 200

From 1/2 of a full-time employment

EUR 150

Less than a 1/2 of a full-time employment

EUR 100

For non-manual workers with an incomplete reference period or who have switched from a full-time to a part-time status (or vice versa) during the reference period, the amount of eco vouchers is prorated according to the actual working time and equivalent periods.

More details and an extensive analysis are available in the sectoral information on our website (sector document JC 200 - eco vouchers).

Conversion into another benefit

This joint committee provides for the possibility to convert eco vouchers into an equivalent benefit.

Which benefits?

In principle, different alternatives for the eco vouchers are possible, including:

  • the introduction or improvement of an existing collective hospitalization insurance policy;
  • the introduction or improvement of an existing supplementary pension scheme at company level;
  • the introduction of meal vouchers or the increase of their facial value by e.g. EUR 1 per luncheon voucher.
    Comment: In our LegalSmart webshop you can find a sample document. Legal all-in customers can ask their legal officer to send them this sample document.


Companies wishing to convert eco vouchers can do so until 31 October (at the latest) of the year in which eco vouchers have already been paid out. The converted benefits will then be granted from the following year onwards.
Comment: New companies must convert their eco vouchers not later than 31 May of the year of the first payment.

The procedure varies depending on whether your company has a trade union delegation or not.

  • In companies with a trade union delegation, the conversion has to be done by concluding a written agreement.
  • In companies without a trade union delegation the conversion has to be done by means of prior information of the non-manual workers.

Failing conversion before 31 October, the sector provisions for eco vouchers will continue to apply. This means that you will have to grant eco vouchers to your workers in June 2019.

For guidance and advice on the conversion of eco vouchers, contact our Legal Partners, any time ( or call 02/549.30.20).

Source: Collective bargaining agreement of 8 June 2016 concluded in the supplementary joint committee for non-manual workers with regard to eco vouchers (registration number 134.425), in force as from 1 July 2016 for an indefinite period.

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