The job bonus

Author: Jonas Verplanken (Legal Expert)

In a previous Infoflash we already gave information about the Flemish job bonus. This job bonus is automatically awarded to employees earning a limited gross monthly salary if they register their account number through the "Mijn Burgerprofiel" application.

For whom?

An employee is eligible for the job bonus if he/she meets all of the following conditions:

  • He/she is a salaried employee who pays ordinary social security contributions (13.07%).
  • He/she earns less than 2,500 € gross per month.
  • He/she lives in the Flemish Region on 1 January of the year following the reference year.
  • He/she has not yet reached statutory retirement age.


The amount of the job bonus depends on the average monthly gross salary. The lower the salary, the higher the bonus. If the employee is working with multiple  employers, all gross salaries are added up. The amount of the job bonus is prorated on the basis of the employment fraction.

  • The average salary is less than 1,800 € gross per month: The amount of the job bonus is up to 600 € per person for full-time employment.
  • The average salary is between 1,800 € and 2,500 € gross per month: The amount of the job bonus is between 0 € and 600 € and decreases as you earn more.
  • The average salary is more than 2,500 € gross per month: You are not entitled to the job bonus.

Payment follows at the end of the year.

Impact for the employer

There is no impact for the employer, the job bonus is awarded automatically by the Flemish government.


To receive the job bonus, the employee only needs to register his/her account number through “Mijn Burgerprofiel” (My Citizen Profile). After that, the job bonus will be paid automatically. It is not necessary to make an application.

More information

For more information, please refer to the website of the Flemish Government on this subject.


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