Inner Cabinet agreement: additional support measures

Author: Catherine Legardien - Catherine Mairy (Legal Expert)

On 12 June, the Inner Cabinet reached an agreement on a new set of measures relating amongst others to the organisation of work.

There is agreement on the following measures:

  • creation of a special Corona unemployment scheme, which will consist of a transition from temporary unemployment due to corona force majeure to regular economic unemployment. This 'transitional' economic unemployment can be used if the company experiences a 10% drop in turnover. Employees will attend 2 days of training per month of unemployment and will continue to receive 70% of their last capped salary;
  • companies undergoing restructuring or in difficulty will be able to reduce working time pending the resumption of their normal activities and to avoid redundancies, either by means of a collective reduction in working time, or by means of the time credit or end-of-career time credit, for which access with benefits will be lowered from 57 to 55 years of age; 
  • extending access to corona parental leave. This scheme will run until 30 September 2020 with benefits that are increased to 150% for single-parent families and families with a disabled child;
  • the costs incurred by people working from home will be more easily reimbursable, up to a maximum of EUR 127 per month.


These measures have yet to be transposed into legal or regulatory texts. We will keep you updated as soon as we have more details.


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