Assistance to self-employed people in catering and retail in Brussels-capital or in Vilvoorde

Author: Author: Partena Compass

Self-employed people from the catering and retail sector, whose business premises are in one of the 19 local authority areas of Brussels-Capital or in Vilvoorde, who experienced difficulties as a result of the transition to security threat level 4 can apply to postpone payment of their social security contributions.

On condition that they submit the written application by 30 December 2015 to Partena Compass, P.O. Box 21000, 1000 Brussels.
This measure applies to people who are self-employed as a main occupation and for their spouse employed in the business with a maxi status.

What should be stated on your application?

Your application must show the following:

  • Your name, first name and place of residence
  • The name and registered office of the business
  • Your business number

Which contributions are concerned and by when must they be paid?

The deferred payment relates to contributions for the 4th  quarter of 2015, and the contributions for the 4th  quarter of 2015 must be paid by 15 December 2016.

This measure does not apply to contributions already paid.

What consequences does the deferred payment have for your social entitlements?

Your social entitlements are safeguarded, provided that the social security contributions are paid within the extended period. Any charges on overdue payment will be cancelled automatically.

If you do not pay by the extended date, extra charges will be added, and any social benefits paid out may be reclaimed.

For more information, you can always contact your Customer Advisor at Partena Compass.

Author: Partena Compass