Trade union protest on 4 April

Auteur: Catherine Legardien

The FGTB, CSC and CGSLB trade unions are calling a joint demonstration in Brussels on 4 April to protest against the EU’s austerity policy.

Some of your employees may decide to take time off work on that day to join in the protest.

Does an employer have to pay staff for the working time not worked due to attending this demonstration?

The employer does not have to pay workers who take part in the protest for the working time not worked.

Absent workers who are trade union members may possibly get a day’s "strike pay" paid by their union.

NB - To avoid any argument afterwards, employers are strongly urged to notify all their workers beforehand that any worker who takes part in the demonstration on Friday, 4 April 2014 will not be entitled to pay for working time not worked.

Workers who do not wish to lose their pay entitlement may, by agreement with their employer, take a day’s holiday or a lieu day.

Auteur: Catherine Legardien