2016 Social elections: the beginning of the period of invisible protection is approaching!

Auteur: Catherine Mairy

Staff representatives (both full and alternate) to the works council and/or the committee for prevention and protection at work, as well as non-elected candidate staff representatives are protected against dismissal.

The protection against dismissal starts, whether or not the candidate has been elected, and regardless of the protected category, on the thirtieth day preceding the posting of the notice announcing the date of the elections (X – 30), i.e. between 10 and 23 January 2016.

However, it is only 35 days (at the latest) after such date (X + 35), i.e. between 15 and 28 March 2016, that the lists of candidates are formally presented to the employer!

There is therefore a period of "invisible protection" (from X – 30 to X + 35).

Please consult our Infoflash that was published on 30 October 2015.


Auteur: Catherine Mairy