Transformation: entrust the management of your project to our experts

Transform your business with Partena Professional!

Thanks to a multidisciplinary approach, the Partena Professional Transformation team guides and supports you strategically from A to Z through your HR projects.

What projects can we help you with? 

Our experts can support you during structural changes and major transformations within your company! Among other things, we support you at different levels:

  • Organizational Changes
  • Process Management
  • Digital Implementation

Focus on your business: Partena Professional takes care of your HR project from start to end.

We put our expertise at your disposal to help you accomplish your strategic changes!
Entrust your HR project to one of our Project Managers. He will compose the best team for you, taking care to bring together the experts according to the specificities of the project and their knowledge in the field.
By mobilizing within a single project team all the knowledge and know-how you need, you benefit from a consolidated, coordinated solution that is always in line with the strategic orientation of your company.

Choose between personalized hands-on support for your transformation project and total hands-off by entrusting the entire project to our team!


A concrete example of a Transformation project

Our Transformation team is working in particular on the merger/acquisition project of one of our historical clients. In this case, the client is supported by our multidisciplinary team of experts who take charge of the project from start to end.
There are indeed different aspects to mark out:

  • The methodology to be applied with a timetable and a precise order of priorities: our team maps all the elements to be taken into account, analyzes the legal aspect, the aspect of harmonization of salary conditions and statutes, etc.
  • This project was an opportunity to reflect on the organizational and therefore more human aspect: the client wanted to play on loyalty and its attractiveness as an employer; we are currently in the co-creation phase with them for a cafeteria plan.
  • Note that this client's initial question was as follows: in the context of the merger, do we need 1 or 2 ONSS numbers? Much more than a single answer to their question, today we are rolling out an entire HR roadmap with them.
  • Such an exercise is also an opportunity to review processes, optimize them, review tools and think about the best digital solution.

Are you also faced with a structural change such as a merger/acquisition? What we did there might be a solution for you!

Do not wait any longer and contact us!

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