Supplementary Pension for the Self-employed (VAPZ)

Author: Partena Professional (HR expertise)
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Publication date: 14/11/2018 - 10:44
Latest update: 21/11/2019 - 12:56

Supplementing your statutory pension

Concerned that your statutory pension won't be enough to guarantee a comfortable standard of living after your self-employed career? There's a solution! Accrue a supplementary pension (VAPZ) with contributions to your social security insurance fund.

This quarterly contribution to the supplementary pension accounts for between one and seven percent of your net taxable income. What if your employment status changes? Or your income goes up or down? Then we'll immediately optimize your premium. This way you only ever pay a contribution that is in line with your actual situation and you enjoy the best tax conditions.

Double the tax benefit thanks to lower social security contributions

Supplementary insurance is not compulsory. But it does offer the self-employed person a particularly interesting saving formula with significant tax benefits. The contributions you pay towards your supplementary pension are tax-deductible and lower your social security contributions.

Social aspect

In addition to the normal supplementary pension, Partena Professional also offers you a social supplementary pension. With an even greater return and better risk coverage:

  • occupational disability;
    • up to 1,000 euro guaranteed income per month
    • payment of the premiums by the solidarity fund on your behalf to safeguard your pension.
  • serious illness: the solidarity fund pays you 750 euro a month during the first semester.
  • maternity: you receive a fixed sum of 100 euro per child, in addition to the new mother premium.
  • death: you ensure financial security for your next of kin.

Any questions? Would you like to start a supplementary pension fund? Contact Partena Compass today.

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