Do you want to sell your business? Make sure you don't overlook anything!

Author: Partena Professional (Legal expertise)
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Want to call it a day? Or to take things a bit easier after an illness or accident? Are you dreaming of taking a new direction and setting up a different business? If you decide to sell your business, it boils down to preparing thoroughly: from the administrative, employment legislation and mental viewpoint.

Things to bear in mind for a successful exit from your business.

Before you sell your business

  • think carefully about your reasons and the consequences of your decision
  • decide the conditions for the sale of your business
  • search for a potential acquirer who meets your requirements
  • draw up meticulous plans to guarantee continuity and a smooth hand-over

During the sale of your business

  • strike while the iron is hot, so as not to risk the value of your business going down
  • negotiate properly with the acquirer about the price, and the payment and take-over conditions
  • confirm your agreement in writing, and draw up a take-over contract that covers you as well as possible
  • complete the sale once everything is clear for both parties

After your exit from the business

  • within a month of your exit from the business, inform the Central Businesses Databank. Use the services of Partena Professional for this!
  • invest the capital from the sale of your business sensibly
  • keep active, and involve yourself in new projects

Partena Professional, your intermediary for dealing with the Central Businesses Databank (CBD).

If you sell your business, you need to amend your registration in the CBD. To do that, you complete two documents and give them to our enterprise counter:

  • Amendment application for natural person
  • Amendment application for legal person

Need help? Contact the Partena SmartStart enterprise counter.

Sell your business with expert guidance

Selling your business is no picnic. We recommend you to seek advice from specialists, your bank or other public institutions that can guide you through the procedure. So you can exit your business efficiently, and have something left afterwards!

Rely on the specialist knowledge of these organisations.

Are you on the point of selling your business? Partena SmartStart answers your questions and guides you through the whole procedure with the Central Businesses Databank.

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