Social elections 2024: get ready now

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Social elections 2024: get yourself ready!


Does your company employ at least 50 full-time equivalents? Then you are required to organise social elections in May 2024. Now is the time to prepare the first deadlines so that the procedure can run smoothly.

The procedure to be followed is strict and complex, but you can depend on the expertise at Partena Professional. Thanks to our customised support you save precious time and avoid crucial mistakes before, during and after the elections, and therefore the risk of internal conflicts and the extra costs that this can incur.

Choose your assistance ‘à la carte’.


An appropriately trained consultant closely tracks the organisation of your social elections. Would you like advice before, during and/or after the elections? Do you prefer to organise the procedure yourself or would you rather we organise everything on your behalf? We can offer you different formulas!

Opt for 'Hands-free' if you fully entrust the organisation to us, or choose 'Hands-on' if social elections hold no secrets for you but you want support during key moments.

Interested in our 'Hands-free' formula?

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  • We appoint a dedicated consultant for you.
  • He or she takes care of all obligations that your company must fulfil throughout the procedure (including managing the web application FPS ELSD)
  • A meeting on site
  • You also gain access to our workshops.
  • Validation report day Y

Interested in our 'Hands-on' formula?

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  • You take complete care of organising the elections yourself with help from our handy digital tool.
  • Our consultants provide several short workshops at the 3 key moments in the procedure so that you are sure to stay on the right track.
  • 2 hours of consultancy, if required, during the procedure.
  • 2 exports (staff) from the payroll engine (day X and X+77).

Social elections to elect staff representatives

Every 4 years, companies in the private sector that employ 50 or more full-time equivalents are legally obliged to organise social elections. What is the objective of these elections? To give the company’s staff members the chance to choose from a list of candidates who will represent them in the company’s consultative bodies. These consultative bodies are the Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work (CPPW) and, in some cases, the Works Council (WC).

The Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work (CPPW) is there to safeguard the well-being of staff. It comprises the employer’s representatives, the internal prevention adviser and the workers’ representatives. If your company has at least 50 workers, it is legally obliged to organise social elections for the potential establishment of a committee.

The Works Council, which comprises both employer and worker representatives, is charged with informing and consulting the workers on the economic and social aspects of the company. If your company has at least 100 workers, then as an employer you are legally obliged to organise social elections for the potential establishment of a works council.

Is your company required to organise social elections? Everything depends on the number of workers employed in your company (or companies). Your company forms a Technical Business Unit (TBU) on its own or possibly in combination with other companies.

To be specific, the Technical Business Unit is an entity with certain economic and above all social autonomy, allowing it to be considered as a cohesive unit. In practice, the TBU is not necessarily aligned with the judicial entity of your company. This means...

  • That there can be several Technical Business Units within the same judicial entity.
  • That several companies together can be considered as one Technical Business Unit.

What is your Technical Business Unit? This question is open to interpretation, particularly during the social election process, when it must be answered before the election procedure is started. Are you uncertain about the scope of your Technical Business Unit? Our experts will advise you!

Election procedure: what are you required to do?

The next social elections should take place in May 2024. However, before that, a procedure must be followed, according to a very strict calendar. The first important date in this marathon is 150 days before the election period, namely X-60 which is expected to be in December 2023. To ensure that this timing is achieved, your preparations must begin now. 

The most important dates in the election procedure

- 150 days before the elections (X-60)

This is when the pre-election phase begins: definition of your Technical Business Unit, number of workers, inventory of managerial and executive positions, date of the elections, etc.

90 days before the elections

On this date, also called day X, the election procedure begins. Setting an official date for the elections in the TBU, creating the lists of candidates and voters, establishing polling stations, distributing convening notices.

The day of the elections (also called day Y) and the following days

Casting of votes, counting of votes, writing minutes, announcing the results, posting the composition of bodies. 

45 days after the election date

The new consultative bodies meet for the first time.

Depend on Partena Professional for your social elections:

  • You will receive professional guidance from start to finish, since we have already organised this procedure a thousand times for all kinds of companies and therefore have extensive knowledge in house!
  • You can be sure that each step will be carried out correctly.
  • You lighten the load and the stress on your personnel department.
  • You avoid social discord and sanctions.
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Do you need help in accomplishing all the steps in this procedure? In that case, you can count on us.

Social elections 2024: what Partena Professional does for you


Thanks to the support from Partena Professional you can avoid potential errors, internal conflicts and extra costs. You can be sure that your number of workers is counted correctly and that the documents are ready on time with the correct information. Therefore, you don’t have to worry and also save precious time.

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