Employee Self Service

Simplify HR for you and your employees thanks to the ESS app from Partena Professional.

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Give your employees more responsibility with the Employee Self Service software. By means of this software you cannot only improve the service you provide to your employees and HR managers, but you can also optimize important processes. In addition, you can relieve your personnel department by entrusting your employees with certain administrative tasks.

Why choose Employee Self Service?

Better interaction

Important documents are directly available on-line on ESS. Salary history, address, evaluations and job descriptions can be consulted on-line, both by the employee and by the personnel department. You can decide yourself what everyone can see.

Fewer intermediaries

Thanks to ESS, all unnecessary interventions by your personnel department are avoided. Employees can send their leave requests directly to their manager. Human resources managers do not have to act as intermediaries, but they keep a clear overview.

You save time and money

Because your HR department is less involved, your HR manager has more time for more important tasks, such as developing your personnel policy and optimising your HR procedures.

All in one database

Employee Self Service is an integral part of the SAM / Level Five database. You no longer have to switch from one software to another. Thanks to ESS, everything is available in one place.

Added value for your human resources

Next to reducing the number of repetitive tasks, ESS has some other advantages for your personnel department. You always have a clear view on what’s important, such as evaluations and training. In addition, you can easily generate comprehensible charts based on the results received.


Tailor-made solutions for your company

The Employee Self-Service software consists of different modules that you can develop according to the needs of your HR department. You can integrate the most important salary documents into your ESS system and manage leave requests, training, internal skills and working time monitoring. Next to this, you can share internal information with your employees, such as the personnel file, list of contact persons in case of emergency, information on the salary package, and so on.

Optimizing your HR processes?

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