Walloon Region: Restart shop aid following the floods

Author: Anne Ghysels (Legal Expert)
Read time: 3min
Publication date: 11/01/2022 - 11:31
Latest update: 11/01/2022 - 11:32

Following the floods in Wallonia from 14 to 16 July 2021 and on 24 July 2021, the Walloon Region is granting financial aid to traders who have relaunched / will relaunch their activities in their damaged premises: Restart shop.

Can you benefit from Restart shop?

In order to receive the Restart shop financial aid, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be a very small, small or medium-sized business;
  • Have an establishment unit within the territory of one of the municipalities affected by the floods of July 2021 (14-16 July and 24 July 2021);
  • Have an activity consisting of the sale of goods or the provision of services to individuals, with a shop-window and which requires direct contact with customers. “Shop-window” means the glass window of a business premises that displays the articles for sale or the services provided in that establishment unit. The concept of a shop-window also applies to establishments located within a shopping center or mall;
  • Have an establishment unit usually open to the public at least 5 days/week and at least 7 hours/day;
  • Prove damages that are related to the July 2021 floods (via your damages certificate and a photo report);
  • Make and pay expenditures between 14 July 2021 and 14 July 2022 that are related to:
    • The development of the attractiveness of the shop-window;
    • Marketing and publicity in order to boost the attractiveness of the activity;
    • The development of information technology, including the creation of an Internet site with the aim of boosting the attractiveness of the commercial activity;
    • Renovation and interior design of the damaged premises;
    • Movable investments directly attributable to the exercise of the activity;
    • The sign of the establishment unit;
  • Your establishment must be reopened in the premises that were affected by the July 2021 floods.

What is the amount of Restart shop?

The amount of the financial aid is € 5,000. It is granted only once per establishment unit located in the Walloon Region.

This amount is paid to you in one lump sum if you have already resumed your activity.

It is paid in 2 instalments if you have not yet reopened due to the July 2021 floods at the time you apply for the Restart shop aid:

  • a 1st instalment of € 2,500 on the basis of the decision to grant the Restart shop aid;
  • a 2nd instalment of € 2,500 on the basis of the declaration on honour of the person in charge of the company fixing a date of reopening of your company before the 12th month which follows the date of the decision to grant the Restart shop aid.

What must you do?

You must submit your application for the Restart shop aid via the Walloon Region's platform.

You will be asked to provide various documents, including the damages certificate obtained from your insurance company.

Your application must be submitted by 31 December 2022.

Source: Decree of the Walloon Government of 16 December 2021 relating to the granting of a recovery aid to the companies affected by the floods of 14 to 16 July 2021 and 24 July 2021 and recognized as a natural public disaster, Belgian Official Gazette of 27.12.2021

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