The wage bonus: electronic procedure - deadline 30 April

Author: Yves Stox

The wage bonus (CLA 90) is very popular. The procedure can now also be done electronically. Do not lose sight of the deadline for filing. This deadline is 30 April if the reference period coincides with the calendar year 2019.

Monitoring and procedure

The wage bonus has a relatively strict procedure. The employer must submit the draft bonus plan (opt-in agreement) to the FPS Employment. There, both the format and the content are checked. Are the objectives ‘objectively measurable and verifiable’? Do they apply to a ‘well-defined group of employees’? Are individual objectives excluded?

Now also electronically

The bonus plans drawn up via an opt-in agreement can be completed electronically and filed with the registry of the FPS Employment. Bonus plans through a collective labour agreement cannot yet be filed electronically.

You can submit a bonus plan on-line via (French) or (Dutch). You will get access through the electronic identity card (eID). The login system is the same as for other on-line services of the government (such as tax-on-web).

In the first phase, you as an employer will be able to choose: a procedure on paper or an electronic procedure. However, the paper models will eventually disappear. For the time being an end date has not yet been set.


The wage bonus has a strict deadline. The effective execution of the plan in the company may only operate retrospectively for up to a maximum of 1/3rd of the reference period defined in the award plan.

You have until 30 April to file a wage bonus plan. In that case, the reference period can coincide with the calendar year 2019 and start on 1 January.

Then you really need to get started. Before filing, you must give employees the time to make observations in the observations register during 15 calendar days or to notify them to the labour inspectorate directly.

Getting started

Avoid a copy paste of last time. Not only because the compulsory model will also slightly change, but also because the FPS Employment will certainly be able to monitor more efficiently in the future.

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