A protocol agreement for Joint Committee 128 (hides, skins and substitutes industry)

Author: Leen Lafourt

On 19 June 2019, the social partners of JC 128 for the hides, skins and substitutes industry have concluded a protocol agreement for the period 2019-2018. As stipulated in the Royal Decree of 24 April 2019 implementing Article 7 § 1 of the Act of 26 July 1996 on the promotion of employment and the preventative safeguarding of competitiveness, this agreement complies with the maximum negotiating envelope of 1.1% in 2019 and 2020.

Below, you will find a brief overview of the main subjects of the sector agreement. A detailed analysis will be included in our sectoral information.

Provisions with an impact on wages

Wage increase

As from 1 July 2019, the scales and effective hourly wages will go up by EUR 0.16 gross/hour (38 hours/week).


The social partners of the sector clarify the 9 December 2015 CBA on the contribution of employers to the commuting costs of employees:

Private transport is understood to mean all means of transport with the exception of public transport.

Social security - temporary unemployment

As from 1 July 2019, all manual workers, regardless of their wage category, will receive a daily allowance of EUR 13 in the event of temporary unemployment for a maximum of 90 days in the form of pools.

The employer pays the full daily allowance. The Social Security Fund will refund employers EUR 3.50 per day, depending on the financial resources available. Should there be no more financial resources available, the employers will cover the total amount of the daily allowance.

Scheme of unemployment with corporate allowance (RCC/SWT)

The social partners subscribe to all framework agreements concluded in the NLC.

 'Soft-end-of career' jobs (CBA No. 137)

Employees after a long occupational history or a heavy and arduous profession are entitled to:

  • a 1/5th soft-end-of career job with benefits as from the age of 55;
  • a half-time soft-end-of career job with benefits as from the age of 57.

Seniority days

From 1 January 2020, all employees with 15 years' length of service in the sector will receive 1 day seniority leave.


For the period 2019-2020, a collective right to training of 3 days per manual worker per year is granted at company level.

More information

This sector agreement will only become final after publication on the website of the FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue. We will keep you informed.

Source: 2019-2020 Protocol Agreement of 19 June 2019 (JC 128)