Parliamentary Summer Agreement: towards more flexibility!

Author: Author: Catherine Legardien - Catherine Mairy

In the Parliamentary Committee on Social Affairs, the MPs of the majority have reached an agreement on a number of legislative proposals that had been blocked for a long time.

What are these measures?

Parental leave: reduction by 1/10

Employees will not only be able to reduce their performance by full-time, half time or 1/5 in the context of parental leave, but will also be able to reduce their performance by 1/10.

Thematic leave: more flexible use

In the context of thematic leave (parental leave, leave for medical assistance and leave for palliative care), the employer and the employee may agree, in certain cases, to plan freely a reduction in working time (e.g. work one out of two weeks in the case of a half time work reduction). In addition, the employee will be able to benefit from the leave for a shorter minimum period (e.g. one week in the case of full-time suspension in the context of parental leave).

Adoption leave and foster care leave: longer

Adoption and foster care leave will initially be increased to 6 weeks for each parent, regardless of the child's age. Every two years, these leave periods will be extended by one week for both parents, until they reach 17 weeks in 2027.

Sunday work in the coastal area and in tourist centres: more frequent

The permission to work on Sundays outside the tourist season will be extended in coastal municipalities and tourist centres.

Training clause: more flexible conditions

At present, a training clause can only be concluded if certain conditions are met. However, the condition relating to the minimum wage threshold will no longer apply. In addition, the conditions will be relaxed and a non-competition clause may be provided for where the training clause concerns training for a bottleneck occupation.

We will inform you as soon as there is more news about these measures.


Author: Catherine Legardien - Catherine Mairy