The NSSO and bad weather: amicable payment plans

Author: Isabelle Caluwaerts (Legal Expert)

Aware of the difficulties encountered by employers affected by the floods in July 2021, the NSSO offers amicable payment plans for their social security contributions.

These payment plans, of a maximum duration of 24 months, will adapt the terms of payment to the possibilities of the employers and will take into account their prospects of resuming their activities.

Amicable payment plans: what are they exactly?

If you are experiencing payment difficulties and you wish to avoid having your debt collected by means of a claim, the NSSO can grant you amicable payment deadlines. The NSSO determines the payment period in consultation with you.

In support of employers affected by the recent floods, and in application of existing legislation, the NSSO is willing to grant amicable payment plans of a maximum duration of 24 months, adapting the payment terms to the employers’ possibilities. These terms and conditions will take into account their prospects of resuming their activities.

In accordance with existing legislation, the penalties for late payment will have to be applied and included in the amicable payment plans.

However, it will be possible for employers, on the basis of Article 55 of the Royal Decree of 28 November 1969, to request total exemption on the grounds of force majeure when the conditions are met.

Have you been affected by the floods?

Then contact the NSSO to obtain your amicable payment plan by completing the application form (

If the NSSO has any questions or comments about your application, a member of staff will contact you within two working days.

You will be notified of the answer within ten working days.

What are the benefits of such a plan?

You can pay off your debt in monthly instalments and avoid a legal claim, with all the disadvantages that this entails (legal costs). Compliance with the agreed plan allows you to continue your business activities normally.

Compliance is particularly taken into account for:

  • certificates of public tender, and
  • analysis of the decisions to be made with respect to invoice deductions.

Only amicable payment plans and payment terms granted by judgement are taken into account as “payment periods” for (absence of) debt certificates or for invoice deductions. The terms of payment granted by the NSSO as an interruption of execution procedures (administrative agreements) are not considered as payment periods.

Source: Emergency measures for employers affected by floods,

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