New joint committee 341 for mediation in banking and investment services

Author: Anne Ghysels

A new joint committee (JC) was established: the joint committee no. 341 for mediation in banking and investment services. This JC is competent for the agents and brokers who are registered by the competent authority and who perform the activity of mediation in banking and investment services.

Up to now, this activity came in principle under joint committee no. 218. This new joint committee no. 314 comes into force on 2 October 2014. 

Please keep in mind that currently, these changes have no effect on your workers, in the absence of collective bargaining agreements within JC no. 341. They retain their current working conditions. This change of JC is likely to have an impact on the working conditions of your staff once JC no. 341 will be active and will conclude collective bargaining agreements. You will be informed through our sectoral documentation on our website. For companies that were established after 2 October 2014 and pending the activation of JC no. 341, only the collective bargaining agreements of the National Labour Council (CNT) may be applied.

If your business activity falls under the field of competence of this new joint committee no. 341, please contact your Payroll Consultant. 

Source: Royal Decree of 31 August 2014 establishing and determining the name and the competence of the joint committee for mediation in banking and investment services, Moniteur belge, 22 September 2014.

Auteur: Anne Ghysels